Creating Effective Adverts For The Internet

There have never been so many options available for the recruitment consultant looking to advertise vacancies. Internet sites can be many times cheaper than paper adverts. In addition they can be far more effective, producing many more potential fee earning candidates.

There are, however, some differences in how adverts should be written. A candidate viewing adverts on the internet can raise 100s of matching vacancies within seconds of applying a couple of filters on a site. This, versus the relatively slow plod rustling through the pages of a newspaper. To achieve a strong response on the internet a recruitment consultant needs to do more to differentiate his job.

Unfortunately, the task of generate an advert is one of the less enjoyable parts opf the recruitment consultant's role. As a consequence, adverts can have a tendency to all look the same. Consider the following example.

Recruitment Consultant Our client requires a graduate with two years recruitment experience. You will have ABC experience and qualifications and be able to achieve 1,2 3 targets.

Firstly here, the title, reads exactly the same as almost every other title for a recruitment consultant vacancy. Secondly, the job itself almost reads like a set of demands simply reeling off a basket of client and job requirements. Now consider the following advert on a page with 20 others written as above.

Recruitment with a difference! An open ended bonus structure, excellent career prospects, autonomy within your role and free membership of our neighbouring health club. These are some of the benefits you will receive working for *** Ltd.

Ideally you will have a degree....

This second advert would generate a substantially stronger response. There are tow simple rules here. Follow these tips and you will see your responses soar.

Give your adverts titles a personality. We notice that 90% of jobs posted all look like the same bland job...the bit in your job posting form which says 'title' is the orange underlined bit which opens your advert, a title such as " doesn't get any better than this, £70K" is highly likely to pick up all the clicks over the one with a factual label that says "...recruitment consultant" next to may sound a bit cheesey, but the name of the game is to give yourself the widest possible choice through maximising your response....within reason!!

Adverts selling the candidates benefits of the job get far more applications eg. Free membership to the companies health club and the opportunity to earn a huge OTE and posh car is likely more attractive than an factual description that your client is a market leader with a takes more time to write....but it makes more money. Good luck.

About the Author

This article is written by John Bult of Recruitment Vacancies