How Can I Get A Job At The White House?

Join the Biden-⁠Harris Administration

The Biden-Harris administration is committed to creating an administration that looks like America and works for all Americans; the administration is an equal opportunity employer, and you may request a reasonable accommodation on your application form if you require any accommodation in the application process due to a disability.

What does a White House aide do?

A White House social aide is a member of the United States Armed Forces tasked with looking after the personal needs of visiting dignitaries and facilitating interactions with the President and First Lady of the United States.

What offices are in the White House?

As of January 2021, the White House Office under Joseph Biden’s administration is as follows.

  • COVID-19 Response Team.
  • Domestic Policy Council.
  • National Economic Council.
  • Office of Cabinet Affairs.
  • Office of Communications.
  • Office of Digital Strategy.
  • Office of Domestic Climate Policy.

How much do White House fellows get paid?

Amount of award: Fellows are classified as federal employees with the GS-14 step 3 rank, which entails a yearly salary of around $100,000.

How much power does the president have?

The President has the power to sign or veto legislation passed by Congress, though Congress can override a veto with a two-thirds vote of both houses.

How much does the president’s personal aide make?

Westerhout is the highly coveted position of special assistant and executive assistant to the President of the United States, and she earns $95,000 per year, according to White House salary data released on Friday.

Does the vice president live in the White House?

Since Walter Mondale, Vice Presidents have lived with their families on the grounds of the United States Naval Observatory, which is located on the White House grounds, and have welcomed countless visitors, including foreign leaders and dignitaries.

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How many permanent employees does the White House employee?

President of the United States’ Executive Office

Agency overview
Jurisdiction U.S. Federal Government
Headquarters White House, Washington, D.C.
Employees 1,800 (approximately)
Annual budget $714 million

How do you become a White House fellow?

The following criteria are used to determine who becomes a White House Fellow:

  1. A track record of outstanding professional achievement early in one’s career.
  2. Demonstrated leadership abilities and the potential for further development.
  3. A demonstrated commitment to public service.

How old are White House Fellows?

Fellows range in age from 32 to 34 years old, and while they come from all parts of the country, the majority of Fellows hail from the northeast.

Is there a swimming pool in the White House?

The swimming pool at the White House, the President of the United States’ official residence, is located near the West Wing on the South Lawn.

Where does the President sleep?

The President’s Bedroom, along with the adjacent sitting room and the smaller dressing room, make up the White House master suite, which is located in the southwest corner of the White House.

Who built the White House after it burned down?

After the fire, the original architect, James Hoban, was commissioned to lead the rebuilding of the White House, which was completed in 1817 and President James Monroe moved in. The White House has undergone many changes, additions, and renovations over the years.

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