How To Get A Job With Vice?

Interview Insider: How to Get Hired at Vice

Vice Media began as a punk magazine in 1994 and now employs over 1,500 people worldwide. Nancy Ashbrooke, vice president of global human resources, says the company is always hiring. Vice Media’s headquarters are in Brooklyn, with offices in Venice, California, and Miami, Florida.
There is no set requirement for degrees, but there is a requirement for expertise. Candidates for tech and business positions should be able to demonstrate the knowledge base and skill set the hiring manager is looking for. There is no specific question that a candidate should ask, but in my opinion, it is always better when those questions come up first.

How do you get a show on Vice?

Continue reading if you want to pitch us a story idea; if you want to license some of our content or interview one of our journalists, email [email protected]; and if you want to advertise with us, email [email protected]

How do I contact Vice news?

  1. GLOBAL HQ u2013 BROOKLYN. 49 S 2nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249. Press. [email protected]
  2. Advertising. [email protected] Pitches. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Where is Vice located?

Vice Media Group LLC is a digital media and broadcasting company based in the United States and Canada.

Type Private, limited liability company
Founded 1994
Founders Suroosh Alvi Shane Smith Gavin McInnes
Headquarters Montreal, Quebec, Canada (1994–2001) Brooklyn, New York, United States (2001–present)
Key people Nancy Dubuc (CEO)

What kind of journalism is vice?

Vice News (stylized as VICE News) is Vice Media’s current affairs channel, producing daily documentary essays and video via its website and YouTube channel, and promoting itself as a source of “under-reported stories.”

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Does Netflix have vice?

Vice is currently one of the best and most popular films in the world, but unfortunately for Netflix subscribers, Vice is unlikely to be released anytime soon.

Is vice a prime?

Vice (2018) – Prime Video: Movies and TV on

How do I write for Vice magazine?

Writing for Vice: A Guide

  1. If you’re submitting photography rather than a full write-up, send the pitch and imagery to [email protected]

Does Vice have a magazine?

Yes, We Still Have a Magazine (and You Should Subscribe) VICE magazine’s Fame Issue is so good, you’ll want it in printu2014and while you’re at it, why not subscribe?

How do you pitch a vice in Canada?

Tell us what’s going on in your community by emailing [email protected] and including a line or two about yourself. We’re especially interested in hearing from people from underserved communities.

How does Vice make money?

Originally Answered: How does Vice Media make money? They’re a digital media and broadcasting company with a variety of revenue streams, including their television channels, online programs, books and magazines, VICE Films, and, if I’m not mistaken, advertising options.

Is Vice the same as Viceland?

After four years of struggling, Viceland quietly changes its name to Vice TV.

How did Vice Media start?

In 1996, the three founders bought out the magazine’s publisher Alix Laurent and renamed it VICE, a buzzword for sin, bad habits, and rude language.

Who Started vice?

Suroosh Alvi Gavin McInnes Shane Smith Suroosh Alvi Vice Media / The magazine was founded in 1994 as the Voice of Montreal with government funding by Suroosh Alvi, Gavin McInnes, and Shane Smith (the latter two being childhood friends).

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