How To Work A Carrier Thermostat?

How do I set my thermostat carrier?

Once you’ve selected the mode, you adjust temperature by using the up and down arrows.

To maintain the temperature at the setting you choose, press the hold/run button at the bottom of the device until hold displays on the screen.

How do you override a carrier thermostat?

How to Unlock a Carrier Thermostat

  • Locate the “MODE” and arrow (“Up” and “Down”) buttons on your Carrier thermostat control.
  • Press and hold down “MODE.”
  • Press both the “Up” and “Down” arrow buttons simultaneously.
  • Wait a second. The “Locked” icon disappears from the screen. You can now use your Carrier thermostat as normal.

How do you use the Carrier Infinity thermostat?

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How do I reset my carrier comfort thermostat?

How to Reset a Carrier Thermostat

  1. Press the “Left” button and hold. The “Accessory status” screen will appear.
  2. Press the “Scroll” button to select the accessory you want to reset.
  3. Press the “Right” button to reset the selected setting.
  4. Press the “Left” button to return to the normal display.

How do I connect my carrier thermostat to WIFI?

Guided Setup Carrier COR –

Does Carrier Infinity Thermostat have batteries?

No batteries. If the display is going blank, either the furnace or air handler this connects to is have a power issue OR the thermostat itself is bad.

What is hold on Carrier thermostat?

The “hold” function basically lets you override the pre-set temperature and thermostat setting if your schedule changes. For instance, if you have a day off in the middle of a workweek and are at home, you can press the “hold” button to lock the current temperature in while you are in the house.

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How do I get my thermostat off hold?

To cancel the temporary setting, you need to press ‘Cancel’, then press ‘Hold’ in order to permanently adjust the temperature. This will override the temperature settings for all time periods. The ‘Hold’ feature turns off the program schedule and allows you to adjust the thermostat manually, as needed.

How do you calibrate a carrier thermostat?


  • While holding the mode button in, press the fan button for. 5 seconds.
  • Press the Up and Down arrow buttons simultaneously, twice.
  • Press the up or down buttons until the flashing number. equals the current room temperature.
  • Press the mode button to return to normal operation.

How do you turn on Carrier Infinity thermostat?

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How do you override Carrier Infinity thermostat?

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How do you turn on the AC on a carrier thermostat?

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