How To Work A Pendulum?

How do you use a pendulum?

To begin using a pendulum, hold it in your dominant hand.

I like to loop my chain over my index finger with the end of the chain between my thumb and index finger, and the pendulum swinging freely.

Getting started: Hold it in your hand and quietly ask the question.

How does a spiritual pendulum work?

Pendulums promote healing with the process of Dowsing which seeks out invisible energies. This connects people to higher energies spiritually and can help locate any blocks in energy. They are used as a form of reflection by asking questions to receive guidance, awareness, and understanding.

How do you read a pendulum?

Keep your arm still and allow the pendulum to swing freely. Watch for any slight movements, such as swinging side to side, front to back or even moving in a circle. This will be your ‘yes’ movement. Next, you must find out what your ‘no’ movement is.

Do pendulums lie?

Many people say they don’t use a pendulum, because it lies anyway. There are many reasons why it seems that your pendulum may have lied to you. However, it is rarely that the pendulum lied. You need to be cautious that you do not allow yourself to sit down with your pendulum and have a preconceived answer when dowsing.

Do pendulums work?

Start with the pendulum entirely still. Ask it a question with a yes or no answer that you already know. Note the way that the pendulum swings in response. Pendulums don’t work for everyone, and it has no bearing on the person’s psychic abilities.)

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Why does my pendulum shake?

If your pendulum ever shakes or wobbles on the spot, it usually means that it won’t answer at this time so either re-word the question or leave the issue for a while. The pendulum can only make yes or no answers, so make sure you word things correctly. People have different views on what moves a pendulum.

How do you ask a pendulum a question?

To establish this quickly, hold the pendulum 6 – 8 inches above the palm of your hand. Begin to ask simple yes/no questions that you know the answers to and see what the responses are. I like to say “My name is” Take note of what happens for each response. Step four: Ask your questions.

How do you talk to your spirit guide with a pendulum?

How To Use A Pendulum To Talk To Your Spirit Guides And Angels

How do you charge a pendulum?

Set your pendulum on a windowsill during the Full Moon or New Moon and let it sit over night. Not only does it clear the negative energy form your pendulum, but it charges your pendulum with positive energy at the same time. Don’t worry if it is overcast, your pendulum will still clear and charge.