How To Work A Ratchet Tie Down?

How do you loosen a ratchet tie down?

  • To release, pull & hold release tab on top assembly to override ratcheting function (figure 6)
  • Open ratchet until it is completely open and flat (figure 7)
  • Grab webbing from non-fixed side and pull to release webbing (figure 8)
  • Pull and hold release tab on top assembly to close ratchet (figure 9)

How does a ratchet strap work?

To use ratchet straps, start by using the release catch to open the ratchet, then thread the strap through the bottom of the ratchet until it feels taut. Then, pull the ratchet back and forth to tighten the strap. Once it feels taut and secure around your cargo, stop ratcheting and lock the strap securely!

How do you use a ratchet tie down video?

How to Use a Ratchet Tie-Down Strap –

How do you release a ratchet Husky strap?

How To Release A Ratchet Tie Down (Tutorial) –