How To Work A Self Cleaning Oven?

How Self-cleaning Ovens Work

  • Remove all pans and foil from inside the oven before you clean.
  • Clean up as much baked-on food or grease as you can easily remove.
  • Lock the oven door.
  • Time the cleaning using the controls provided.
  • Let the oven cool after the cleaning cycle.
  • Wipe away ash residue with damp cloth.

Is it safe to use the self cleaning oven?

Asthma and Respiratory Issues

The North Texas Poison Center suggests leaving the home during the self-cleaning cycle. The Teflon coating inside the oven is safe when you bake and broil food items, but the oven heats to 600 degrees Fahrenheit or more during the cleaning cycle and can produce toxic Teflon fumes.

How long does a self cleaning oven take?

The heat is very intense in self cleaning ovens. The heat is designed to turn the debris, grease and dirt into ash. The average self cleaning cycle lasts about three hours. The oven temperature will be extremely hot.

Can self cleaning ovens catch on fire?

Last, but certainly not least, the self-cleaning feature can present a fire hazard. Even if you’ve removed all the larger food particles, you’ll likely have grease or cooking oil splatters and spills to burn off. A word of advice: If your oven does catch on fire during the clean cycle, don’t try to put it out.

How does a GE self cleaning oven work?

How to Perform a Self-Clean Cycle –