How To Work At Mac Cosmetics?

What qualifications do you need to work at Mac?

MAC Positions and Salary Information

With diverse opportunities for employment, MAC invites applicants to explore job prospects with the cosmetics industry leader.

Potentials must stand at least 18 years of age to inquire about current openings and should possess high school diplomas or the equivalent.

How can I get a job at MAC cosmetics?

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How much do you make working at MAC cosmetics?

MAC Cosmetics Salaries in the United States

The average MAC Cosmetics salary ranges from approximately $31,274 per year for Artist to $61,475 per year for Retail Assistant Manager. Average MAC Cosmetics hourly pay ranges from approximately $13.66 per hour for Sales Associate to $25.00 per hour for Third Key Manager.

Do you have to be a certified makeup artist to work at Mac?

As MAC prefers to hire makeup artists with highly developed skills, your first step to getting a job is to obtain a cosmetology or esthetician license. Most states require a mix of classroom and hands-on training and passing a state examination. Check with your state board of cosmetology to determine the requirements.

Does Mac train makeup artists?

Get makeup artist training

Cosmetics. Unless you’re an artist who’s already working for the company, there aren’t any open makeup classes offered by M.A.C. for emerging artists. You get to customize your training for where you want to go in your makeup career.

Does Mac Have makeup classes?

MAC makeup classes are held at local MAC stores. You can choose to have a one-on-one consultation or take a group class. Whichever option you select, your lesson will be taught by one of MAC’s professional makeup artists.

What is the full form of MAC cosmetics?

Make-up Art Cosmetics

How do I get a job at a makeup counter?

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How do I become a makeup consultant?

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Does Mac cosmetics do drug testing?

Does MAC Cosmetics Drug Test? No, MAC generally does not conduct drug tests during the hiring process.

Does Mac make commission?

At first, the idea of being compensated adequately for your work without having to worry about commissions sounds great. But according to former MAC employees on, instead of making a commission on each product you sell, you have a sales goal that you have to reach in order to keep your job.

Is makeup artist a good career?

A career as a makeup artist may be ideal for an artistic individual who wants to do special effects and prosthetics for film, theater, or television, or to improve someone’s appearance. Most makeup artists complete a cosmetology or related program, where they can obtain the skills they’ll need.