How To Work At Sonic?

Is Sonic an easy job?

Sonic’s is a fast pace job. You have to be ready for a long hard day at work, but eventually the hard work pays off. The customers are friendly and they tip. Sonic was a great working environment but the management team was very unstable.

How do I apply for a job at Sonic?

Sonic Drive-In Job Application Online –

How much do Sonic workers get paid?

Sonic Drive – In pays its employees an average of $9.13 an hour. Hourly pay at Sonic Drive – In ranges from an average of $6.62 to $12.72 an hour.

Will Sonic hire at 15?

There are work time restrictions for 14/15-year-olds, e.g. 18 hours max weekly and no more than 3 hours after school when school is in session and mandatory 30-minute breaks when work exceeds 5 hours.

What do you wear to a sonic interview?

Business casual attire makes a solid first impression for SONIC Drive-In. It is important to look professional but to be comfortable as well. Applicants should wear slacks, button-up shirts, and nice shoes. A clean, put-together appearance is a must.

Does Sonic pay more if you skate?

Most Carhops Have to Pay For Their Own Skates

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What age does Sonic hire?

16 years

What age does subway hire?

The general starting age is 13, but your parents must sign a contract to allow you to begin working with their consent.

Do you need experience to work at Sonic?

Many applicants for positions at Sonic are first-time employees and high school age students. Regardless of age, applicants can draw from their experience in school, sports or clubs to relate information to the Sonic interview questions.