How To Work For Avon At Home?

How much do you earn as an Avon representative?

To become an Avon representative, you need to pay a £16 start-up fee and receive 20 brochures and order slips. Reps then buy further Avon brochures on a sliding scale – costing from about £3 for five to £8 for 50. Sales reps take home 20% commission for orders over £78 and 25% for orders over £145.

Can you make money selling Avon online only?

When you Become an Avon Representative Online, there are three ways to earn money. You can sell Avon face-to-face, you can Sell Avon Online, and you can make money by becoming an Avon leader. It is up to you if you decide to Sell Avon Online Only, build a traditional face-to-face business, or you choose to do both.

Can you really make money selling Avon?

So yes, you can make money selling Avon. You get paid by the amount of effort you put into the business. Just to give you an idea of how lucrative it can be to be a top seller and top leader, one representative who shares her earnings, makes $22,000 every 2 weeks!

Is Selling Avon Worth It?

If you decide to start selling Avon, I highly suggest you look at it as starting your own business, not just a side job. For selling Avon to be worth it, you need to build your business up and recruit others below you.