How To Work For Cartoon Network?

Is it hard to get a job in animation?

Pick another career – Working in the field of animation is very hard.

Everyone wants to be a character animator, rather than do all of the other nitty gritty work necessary to make an animation.

Bare in mind 90% of character animators do it for 10 years.

So studios only hire for 10% of their character animation team.

How much does Cartoon Network make a year?

The average Cartoon Network Salary for Animators is $112,229 per year.

How do I get a job in the animation industry?

How to get a job in ANIMATION –

Are Cartoon Network internships paid?

Interns are paid a competitive wage based on location and relocation is not provided. Participation in the internship program is reserved for students who are currently enrolled. Most positions are targeted to upperclassmen and graduate students.

Can I be an animator if I can’t draw?

There are many professional 3D animators that can create amazing animations, but aren’t the best traditional artists. Now, if you’re wanting to learn 2D animation, then yes, knowing how to draw is going to be vital, but even then you need to have a strong understanding of the foundations of animation.

Is animation a good career?

A career in animation is one of the most lucrative and most-sought-after courses these days. With attractive salaries and the personal freedom it offers, a career in animation could be the right choice for you. Both movies, video games, and other forms of media use computer animation.