How To Work For Greenpeace?

How can I work for Greenpeace?

Get involved at Greenpeace

Contact a Greenpeace Organisation where you live to see if you can volunteer, find a role in an office or even work onboard a ship!

This fragile Earth deserves a voice.

It needs solutions.

It needs you.

Do you get paid working for Greenpeace?

How much does Greenpeace in the United States pay? Average Greenpeace hourly pay ranges from approximately $13.17 per hour for Front End Associate to $16.43 per hour for Field Representative. The average Greenpeace salary ranges from approximately $22,978 per year for Canvasser to $114,891 per year for Director.

What is Greenpeace currently working on?

We’ve been campaigning for a green and peaceful future for 40 years — and we’re not stopping now. We defend the natural world and promote peace by investigating, exposing, and confronting environmental abuse, championing environmentally responsible solutions, and advocating for the rights and well-being of all people.

How are Greenpeace funded?

At Greenpeace we are honoured that our work is funded almost entirely by donations given to us by passionate individuals from all over the world who care about the planet and want to help us create change, and by some grants from private charitable foundations who share our values.

Who pays for Greenpeace?

Greenpeace claims it doesn’t receive funding from corporations or governments. Instead, it relies donations from foundations and individuals. The organization does not have a political action committee (PAC). Charity Navigator awards Greenpeace just 2 out of 4 stars.

Is Greenpeace a good place to work?

It is a great canvassing job and not a third-party. Greenpeace is an amazing organization. I was a Grassroots Administration intern at the Greenpeace DC office. I enjoyed the office space and atmosphere and learned about Greenpeace’s work.