How To Work For Riot?

How much do riot employees get paid?

The average Riot Games Salary for Employees is $138,346 per year.

Is Riot Games a good company to work for?

Riot Games by far is the best company to work for. Unlimited PTO, 401k matching. They also have a great work life balance. Riot tends to hire from outside rather then promote from within.

Does Riot Games pay well?

The average estimated annual salary, including base and bonus, at Riot Games is $104,962, or $50 per hour, while the estimated median salary is $106,321, or $51 per hour.

What is Riot working on?

Riot Games is working on a new fighting game that it hopes will appeal to a wide audience. Tom Cannon, the founder of the Evolution Championship Series who now works for Riot, confirmed the news on Friday at EVO 2019. The game will be the first all-new project for Riot since the release of League of Legends in 2009.