How To Work For The Nfl?

How do you get a job in the NFL?

If you’re early in your career and are interested in getting your foot in the door, the NFL offers internships and entry-level positions.

Internships at the NFL

  • Communications.
  • Public affairs.
  • Events.
  • Finance.
  • Football operations.
  • Officiating.
  • International marketing.
  • Marketing and sales.

How much do Waterboys make in the NFL?

According to, NFL waterboys make $53,000 on average. They also get lots of free gear, souvenirs from players (from jerseys to jockstraps), and access to the team that most fans only dream of. This is a good salary for anyone, but the figure does come with a catch.

How do you become a waterboy for the NFL?

Select the “Internships and Entry Level Positions” link on the side of the page. Select the highlighted link at the bottom of the page to apply for a position. Include a professional resume and cover letter highlighting your qualifications and enthusiasm for a position as a water boy.

How much do NFL security guards make?

The average NFL Salary for Security Officers is $59,231 per year.