How To Work For Trunk Club?

How do Trunk Club stylists get paid?

Average Trunk Club Stylist yearly pay in the United States is approximately $28,077, which is 20% below the national average.

How Much Does Trunk Club usually cost?

What is the price range of Trunk Club clothing? Our clothing is priced similarly to department stores such as Nordstrom, with men’s and women’s ready-to-wear typically falling in the $40–$300 range. Outerwear, boots, and other seasonal essentials start at about $90.

How is trunk club doing?

Trunk Club is a personal styling service that selects and delivers clothing hand-picked by a stylist especially for you. Once you have the delivery in hand, you have five days to decide which items to keep and which to ship back to Trunk Club.

How do I get the most out of my trunk club?

How to Get the Most Out of Trunk Club for Women

  • It may be a learning curve with your stylist in the beginning so be patient and be specific!
  • Be honest about what you are willing to pay for something, like really honest.
  • Be realistic about your needs.
  • Know your size.
  • Refer your friends!