How To Work New Apple Tv Remote?

How do I use my new Apple TV remote?

Charge your Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote for 30 minutes using a Lightning to USB cable and a USB wall charger.

Point your remote three inches away from your Apple TV.

Then press and hold your remote’s Menu and Volume Up buttons for five seconds.

If asked, place your remote on top of Apple TV to complete pairing.

How do you reset an Apple TV remote?

If your Siri Remote has become unresponsive or glitchy, you can reset and re-pair it with your Apple TV.

  • Press and hold the Menu and Volume Up buttons at the same time.
  • Hold for two to three seconds.
  • Release the buttons.

How do I pair my Apple TV remote?

Pair the Siri Remote with Apple TV

  1. Turn on Apple TV and position the Siri Remote so it’s within 3 to 4 inches (8 to 10 cm) and pointing at the front of Apple TV.
  2. Press and hold the button and the Volume Up button. for 2 seconds. When the Siri Remote is successfully paired, an onscreen message appears.

How long does Apple TV remote last?

Apple says the built-in lithium-ion battery can last “months” on a charge with normal use, but when it’s time to recharge you can just connect it, using the Lightning cable, to your Mac or a USB charger. You can see how much juice your Siri Remote has, in a general, nonspecific sense.

How do I get to settings on my Apple TV?

Press the menu button until you return to the main screen, settings looks like this. Press the menu button until you return to the main screen, settings looks like this.

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Why is my remote not working?

Open the battery compartment on the back of the remote and remove both batteries. Press and hold any button on the remote for 20 Seconds. Release the button and reinsert the batteries properly. If the remote does not work, there may be something wrong with the remote or with the remote sensor on the TV.

Why is my silver Apple TV remote not working?

Hold down the Menu button and the Down button at the same time until the light blinks, then unplug the device for six seconds, and plug it back in. After the Apple TV reboots, see if your remote is working. If not, continue to the second option.

How do I reset my TV remote?

Reset Remote Control to Factory Default Settings

  • Press and hold the TV button.
  • While holding it pressed, press the OK button for one second and release both buttons at the same time (all three of the TV, DVD and AUX buttons will flash, the TV button light will stay on).
  • Press and hold the DELETE button for three seconds (the TV button blinks and stays off).