How To Work On A Container Ship?

How much do container ship workers make?

Captains, mates and pilots on deep draft vessels earned a mean wage of $35.38 per hour or $73,590 per year as of May 2011, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Captains, mates and pilots are the highest-ranking members of the crew.

How do I get a job on a container ship?

All you’ll need is a passport and a vaccination certificate. There are two good ways for the complete novice to get a job on a freighter. One is by going from ship to ship and asking each captain if he needs (a) a deckboy or (b) a workaway.

How do container ships work?

How Do Container Ships Work? A container is loaded and then brought to the port by a trucking company. Bringing containers to the port or from the port is called “drayage”. Once the designated ship has arrived, the container is brought to the ships side by a special chassis and cab called a bomb cart (photo above).

What are the jobs on a cargo ship?

Most Popular Cargo Ship Jobs

  • Cargo Specialist.
  • Airline Cargo Manager.
  • Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors.
  • Cargo Assistant.
  • Airline Cargo Agent.
  • Cargo Handler.
  • Cargo Surveyor.
  • Cargo Partner.