How To Work Sirius Satellite Radio?

How does XM satellite radio work?

XM Radio’s ground station transmits a signal to its two active GEO satellites, which bounce the signals back down to radio receivers on the ground. The radio receivers are programmed to receive and unscramble the digital data signal, which contains more than 170 channels of digital audio.

How do I reset my XM radio in my car?

Text the word “Refresh” to 77917 . We’ll send you a text with special link to start the refresh radio process. View a sample of the text message . Once you’re in front of your radio, follow instructions in the text message to complete the signal refresh.

How do I get channel 314 on Sirius?

Channel 314 is not available on all radios, but you can also still hear Faction on streaming or the app Channel 314 in the rock category. SiriusXM Turbo, our hard rock from the 90s and 2000s channel, has been added to the lineup on Channel 41. For an updated channel lineup please go to

How can I get Sirius XM for free?

Get SiriusXM Streaming

Offer Details: Activate a SiriusXM All Access monthly plan and get the first 3 months for free ($65.97 savings off the current $21.99 monthly rate). A credit card is required on this offer. You must cancel during your free 3 months to avoid being charged.