How To Work Sprinkle Of Jesus App?

How does the app sprinkle of Jesus work?

Set Push Notifications – LCBC App –

Is sprinkle of Jesus free?

It’s completely optional to join. When you sign up for our life Course inside of the app, your subscription will automatically renew for $1.99 every 30 days and includes at least 1 new Christian life courses each week to help you with a breakthrough in 2019.

Is sprinkle of Jesus legit?

Scam. Run. They use references to scripture, and put a show on like their Christians helping people. When you read most of the comments under the ‘Sprinkle of Jesus app u would understand from some Christians who stop following and supporting them.

Who created sprinkle of Jesus?

Dana Chanel

What is sprinkle of Jesus?

Sprinkle of Jesus Corp

Our passion is to encourage a life-changing relationship with Jesus. Looking to become apart of the Sprinkle of Jesus team. Let us know! We also provide Sprinkle of Jesus Life Courses inside of our mobile app that will have weekly courses and how-to tips to help you get closer to Christ.

How do I turn on sprinkle of Jesus notifications?

Set Push Notifications – LCBC App –