How To Work The Apple Watch Series 2?

How do I use Apple Watch 2?

How to use your Apple Watch

  • Press to see the watch face or Home screen.
  • Double-click to return to the last app.
  • Press and hold to use Siri.
  • Turn to zoom, scroll, or adjust what’s on the screen.
  • On Apple Watch Series 2 or later,* turn to unlock the screen during a swimming workout.

How do I work my Apple Watch?

How to Use the Apple Watch

  1. Force Touch. A press with more pressure.
  2. Take a Glance. Swipe up from the bottom.
  3. See Notifications. Swipe down from the top.
  4. Find Friends. Tap side button once.
  5. Zoom In. Turn the digital crown.
  6. Screen Off. Cup your hand over the face.
  7. Launch Siri. Press and hold the digital crown.
  8. Apple Pay. Double-tap the side button.

How do I get back to home screen on Apple Watch?

Pro tip: If you zoom enough on one app, Apple Watch launches it for you! Also, while you’re in the Clock app, you can simply press the Digital Crown button to return to the Home screen.

How do I use my Apple Watch Series 5?


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