How To Work With Union Employees?

Is working for a union good?

Pro 1: Unions increase pay and benefits for workers.

Through the process of collective bargaining, unionized workers are able to secure higher wages and better benefits, like pensions. Employers hiring for non-union jobs have to increase their wages, too, in order to compete for employees.

Can a union employee work a non union job?

Most labor laws deal with union rights and related topics. However, non-union employees make up a majority of U.S. workers and are entitled to similar workplace protection as their unionized counterparts. The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) also protected employees who are not part of a union.

How can employee unions improve working relationships?

  • Mutual Respect. Organizational management and employee unions work better together if they both acknowledge that the other has a legitimate and valued purpose (See Reference 2).
  • Regular Communication.
  • Proactive Policies.
  • Teamwork.

How can unions and management work together?

The goal of unions is to band together and protect employee rights. But these days, frontline workers aren’t the only ones uniting when it comes to unions. In fact, many effective union representatives partner with management to achieve company goals. When union reps and managers partner up, both parties benefit.