Question: How Do I Get A Job At A Post Office?

How to Apply for USPS Jobs

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has a variety of positions available, all of which must meet the same basic set of requirements: some positions require a high school diploma, while others require a four-year degree. The USPS is especially interested in employees who have a stable, continuous employment history, so you must provide the last seven years of your work history on the application.
Military service is treated as prior employment by the USPS, which requires applicants to submit official documentation detailing their discharge from a branch of the armed forces. Veterans are given preferential treatment on the postal civil service exam. Applications must be submitted by the late winter deadline, which varies from year to year.

How hard is it to get a job at the post office?

Not difficult, but there are some requirements: you must pass a drug test, have no felonies on your record, be willing to work hard, meet lifting requirements for various jobs, and be flexible with your work days because most girst jobs are part-time. Good luck.

How long does it take to get hired at the post office?

The turnover rate is so high that the hiring process takes only a week or two to complete; they need people, but can’t keep most of them. From start to finish, it took me about 4 1/2 to 5 months to complete all of the steps, including in-person interviews and appointments.

How much do post office people get paid?

Salaries for Mail Carriers in the States with the Highest Employment Levels

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State Yearly Wage (Median) Hourly Wage (Median)
California $53,680 $25.81
New York $51,620 $24.82
Texas $52,150 $25.07
Florida $52,090 $25.05

Do you have to pay for the postal exam?

The US Postal Service never charges a fee to take an exam or apply for a job; don’t be fooled by ads that claim to offer postal employment but charge a fee for their services. The US Postal Service is massive by any measure, employing nearly 644,000 people and generating $69 billion in annual revenue.

Is Post Office a good job?

The USPS is a good company to work for because the work is enjoyable; however, the workload can be overwhelming at times. It offers good pay, benefits, and advancement opportunities. I work as an RCA (a substitute for regular rural mail carriers).

What is the best job at the post office?

“The best job in the post office is rural carrier” – Postal Employees – Federal Soup.

Is postal exam 473 difficult?

The first part of the 473 exam is fairly easy, but it is timed, so you must work quickly and accurately. Unless you have a photographic memory, the memory section is generally considered the most difficult for most people.

What disqualifies you from working for USPS?

A negative decision on any of the eligibility factors u2014 age, Selective Service System registration, driving record, qualifying test, driver’s license review, drug screening, or English competence u2014 prevents an applicant from moving forward in the hiring process.

What should I wear to my post office interview?

Suits and ties, as well as professional dresses, are appropriate attire for job interviews with the United States Postal Service.

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What is the highest paying job at the post office?

Postal Jobs with the Best Pay

  • President and Chief Marketing and Sales Officer.
  • Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President.
  • Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President.
  • Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President.
  • Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President.
  • Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President.

How many hours a week do postal workers work?

Most USPS employees are full-time, which means they are guaranteed 40 hours per week; new hires, on the other hand, are usually temporary and are not guaranteed 40 hours per week; and some other clerks may not be full-time, working 20 hours or less per week.

What happens if you quit the post office?

Employees may withdraw their resignation request if it is made before the close of business on the effective date of the resignation. Resignations must be accepted and are binding once submitted; however, employees may withdraw their resignation request if it is made before the close of business on the effective date of the resignation.

Can you take postal exam online?

The first USPS exam is an online assessment that takes no more than 75 minutes to complete; if you pass the online postal exam, you will be required to take an exam at an approved location.

What is a good score on the postal exam?

What Is a Good Score on the USPS Assessment Test? The minimum passing score for any of the four Postal Exams is 70, and any score above that is considered good. If you see an ineligible status instead of a score, it means you didn’t meet the minimum score of 70.

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What does a postal clerk do?

Receiving and sorting mail, selling postage, weighing packages, stamping envelopes, assisting customers, selling money orders, taking passport photos, and ensuring mail has correct zip codes and addresses are among the duties performed in a post office.

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