Question: How To Get A Job At Firestone?

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We’re looking for passionate problem solvers who will dedicate themselves to keeping our customers’ vehicles running right. BSRO offers training, certifications, and the opportunity to let your skills flourish.

Is Firestone a ripoff?

Yes, I’m surprised at how many people take their cars to them. Consider this: places like Firestone and others don’t pay as much as a dealer or a real shop would.

What tools do I need to work at Firestone?

Wrenches, sockets, screw drivers, and other simple mechanic tools are examples of basic mechanic tools.

Does Firestone make commission?

The technicians are not paid on commission, and they are barely paid to do their jobs. Firestone has a great company culture, and they place a high value on their employees and customers.

Are Goodyear and Firestone the same company?

Firestone began operations in 1900 with 12 employees in Akron, Ohio, which was also the home of its rival, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, which began operations in 1900 with 12 employees. For over three-quarters of a century, Firestone and Goodyear were the largest suppliers of automotive tires in North America.

Is Firestone cheaper than dealer?

Firestone offers competitive pricing for auto and vehicle repair services, and repairs performed at a Firestone will be less expensive than repairs performed at a dealership.

How much does Firestone charge per hour?

Hourly pay at Firestone Complete Auto Care ranges from approximately $11.37 for a Service Technician to $25.00 for a Unit Secretary.

Do you need your own tools to work at Firestone?

No, before you begin, you should have your own tools.

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What are the worst tire brands?

The 6 Worst Tire Brands to Stay Away From

  • Telluride.
  • Compass Tires.
  • Chaoyang.
  • Goodride.
  • Westlake.
  • AKS Tires.

Are Goodyear tires better than Firestone?

Cost: Firestone tires are less expensive than Goodyear tires, but they only last three years in good condition, whereas Goodyear tires last four. Performance: Firestone all-season tires have poor traction on wet roads, whereas Goodyear all-season tires handle wet roads perfectly.

What are the best American made tires?

Tires from the All American Tire Company

  • Bridgestone.
  • Michelin.
  • Pirelli.
  • Yokohama.
  • Yokohama.

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