Question: How To Get A Job At General Mills?

Questions and Answers about General Mills Hiring Process

I applied through their website, received a phone interview, and then a face-to-face interview; I recently completed my drug test and background check, and am waiting to hear when I will be scheduled for orientation; it has taken about a month so far.

Is General Mills a good company to work for?

Compared to 59% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company, 78% of General Mills employees say it’s a great place to work.

How much does General Mills make?

The average employee at General Mills earns $48,687 per year, but salaries vary greatly depending on the job.

Does General Mills drug test?

General Mills conducts pre-employment drug testing for all potential employees, and everything we’ve read suggests that passing your drug test is a requirement for receiving a job offer. On the plus side, once you pass your drug test, the onboarding process appears to move fairly quickly.

Why do you want to work for General Mills?

General Mills values innovation because the company is constantly looking for ways to improve its products and operations. For example, job applicants who have come up with ways to improve a manufacturing process, packaging design, or product flavor will be hired.

How many employees does General Mills have?

General Mills is a company that produces cereals.

Type Public
Total assets US$31.37 billion (2020)
Total equity US$8.89 billion (2020)
Number of employees ~35,000 (2020)
Website www.

Does General Mills pay weekly?

Employees at General Mills are paid on a weekly basis.

What type of drug test does General Mills use?

For professional, office jobs like marketing and finance, what type of pre-employment drug test do they use? Urine drug test.

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What does General Mills do to be socially responsible?

In 2019, 91% of our top 10 priority ingredients were sustainably sourced, and we committed to advancing regenerative agriculture practices on 1 million acres of farmland by 2030. In fiscal 2019, we donated $93 million to charitable causes, enabling 28 million meals around the world.

What kind of company is General Mills?

General Mills, Inc. (NYSE: GIS) is a consumer food company that sells its products to customers in over 100 countries across six continents through retail sales, convenience stores, and food-service distributors.

What is General Mills mission statement?

“To make lives healthier, easier, and richer,” says General Mills’ mission statement.

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