Question: How To Get A Job At The Staples Center?

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STAPLES Center has won the prestigious Pollstar-CIC Arena of the Year award two times, and AEG seeks to partner with manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors who share a vision of growth and excellence. Over 50 million people have visited the AEG-owned and operated arena since it opened on October 17, 1999.

How much do Staples Center employees make?

STAPLES Center Hourly Rate Jobs

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Sales Associate Range:$8 – $18 (Estimated *) Average:-
Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist Range:$17 – $34 (Estimated *) Average:-
Retail Sales Associate Range:$9 – $15 (Estimated *) Average:-
Forklift Driver Range:$14 – $23 (Estimated *) Average:-

How much did staples pay for Staples Center?

It was built privately for $375 million and is named after Staples, Inc., an office supply company that was one of the center’s corporate sponsors who paid for naming rights.

What is not allowed in Staples Center?

No, bags and purses of any size, including backpacks, clutches, totes, clear bags, and camera bags, are not permitted; only essential items that fit in your pocket are permitted, as are wallets without chains or straps.

How much does it cost to rent the Staples Center?

Low Range Location High Range
$3,000 A Level Suites first level; closest to the stage, rink, or court $20,000
$2,500 B Level Suites second level; directly above Level A Suites $15,000
$2,000 C Level Suites third level; directly above Level B and C suites $12,000

What is the starting pay at Staples?

Jobs at Staples, Inc. by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Retail Sales Manager Range:$13 – $25 Average:$18
Retail Sales Associate Range:$9 – $15 Average:$11
Sales Supervisor Range:$10 – $18 Average:$13
Cashier Range:$9 – $17 Average:$12
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Do Lakers pay rent at Staples Center?

According to one source familiar with the arrangement who was not authorized to comment publicly to the Times, the Lakers do not pay rent at Staples Center, but instead pay an undisclosed percentage of their game ticket sales to the arena.

Who has sold out the Staple Center?

With 16 sold-out shows at Staples Center during her 1989 World Tour, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift set a new record for most sold-out performances by any artist.

Where is Staple Center located?

In downtown Los Angeles, the STAPLES Center is located at 1111 S. Figueroa Street.

How much is parking at the Staples Center?

Please call (213) 742-7382 for pricing information. Parking rates vary depending on the event, but generally range from $15 to $25. For more specific event information, please call (213) 742-7275 (213-742-PARK).

Are fans allowed at Staples Center?

Staples Center has a normal capacity of 18,997 for a Laker game. Get Vaccinated: How and where to get vaccinated. Because Staples Center is requiring fans to show proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID test, the arena will be able to admit a larger number of fans.

Is Staples Center area safe?

It depends on which route you take: it’s perfectly safe to walk down Figueroa (the street where the Staples Center is located), especially after the game/event because there will be a lot of people around; the area around 7th and Main is OK, but you’ll probably run into some homeless people.

Does Kobe Bryant have a statue at Staples Center?

Outside of Staples Center, Kobe Bryant will be honored with a statue, and his former teammate Shaquille O’Neal has a suggestion for what it should look like. O’Neal, who left the Lakers in 2004, won an NBA championship with the Miami Heat that season.

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What is the House That Kobe Built?

Would Kobe Bryant be honored at the Staples Center, which is known as “the house that Kobe built” and where he won five NBA championships?

Do the Kings play at Staples Center?

The Los Angeles Kings of the National Hockey League call STAPLES Center home.

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