FAQ: How Do You Get A Job At The Post Office?

Post Office Jobs

To apply for a position at the Post Office, you must be at least 18 years old. For most vocations, applicants must pass a written exam, satisfy physical requirements, have a driver’s license, and pass a drug test. Under certain circumstances, applicants as young as 16 can apply for Carrier positions that require driving but are otherwise restricted to people aged 18 and up.

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Post Office Entrance Exams

473-473E Postal Exam

The 473 Post Office test is required for clerks, carriers, rural carriers, and other mail-handling job applicants. Mechanics, electronic technicians, machinists, and tradespeople must also complete a written exam. The overall score is determined by the test results, as well as your relevant work experience and education.

Other Exams

Passing an entrance exam is also required for motor vehicle and tractor trailer operators, as well as highly skilled maintenance occupations including Building Equipment Mechanic, Engineman, Electronics Technician, Auto Mechanics, and General Mechanic. Exam 931 is required for all of these posts. Mechanic and electrical skills vocations require a separate notice.


The United States Postal Service is accepting applications for positions. Applicants do not need to be citizens or have permanent resident status in the United States of America, nor do they need to pledge loyalty to the country in which they live.


Prior to selection, the Postal Service analyzes candidates to determine their general suitability for postal employment. Following the selection of an applicant who meets all other eligibility criteria, a medical examination is conducted. Individuals who do not meet postal service qualifications are screened thoroughly and dismissed from the employment process.

Physical Requirements

All applicants must be able to lift a postal sack weighing 70 pounds. Carriers must have a good eyesight of at least 20/40 in one eye and a vision of no less than 20/100 in the other. Applicants must also pass a physical fitness exam that is based on the employment requirements.

State Driver’s License

A new postmaster general is needed by the Postal Service. For occupations that require the use of a motor vehicle, applicants must have a valid state driver’s license. You must have a clean driving record and pass a road test for the type of vehicle you will operate.

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Drug Testing (Substance Abuse)

The USPS has a robust procedure in place to ensure a drug-free workplace. A drug-free status is required for postal employment, and this status is determined by the use of an urine drug screen. The USPS says it has no plans to alter its drug-screening protocols.

Other Occupations

The Postal Service employs 615,140 people, the majority of whom work in mail delivery. There are also many administrative, corporate, technical, engineering, and support jobs available. The Postal Service employs hundreds of different vocations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Human resource (HR) professionals can work in a variety of settings.

Post Office Application Process

The Postal Service no longer conducts exams every two years in certain places. You can apply for employment openings at any time of the year, and anyone can apply. “Post Office Jobs” contains advice on how to ace the postal pre-appointment interview, as well as practice and prepare for the 473 entrance level tests.

How long does it take to get hired at the post office?

4 days’ notice is required. Because the turnover rate is so high, it just takes a week or two to finish the hiring process. They require people yet are unable to retain the majority of them. From start to finish, including in-person interviews and appointments, it took me around 4 1/2 to 5 months to complete all of the steps.

Is it hard to get a job at the post office?

It’s not impossible to find work; just be prepared for a lengthy process. It can take up to two months from the time you apply to the time you start orientation!

Do you have to pay for the postal exam?

There are no fees to take an exam or apply for a job with the Postal Service. Don’t be fooled by advertisements that claim to supply postal work for a fee. By any measure, the US Postal Service is massive, employing almost 644,000 people and generating $69 billion in annual revenue.

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How much do post office people get paid?

Salaries for Mail Carriers in the States with the Highest Employment Levels

State Yearly Wage (Median) Hourly Wage (Median)
California $53,680 $25.81
New York $51,620 $24.82
Texas $52,150 $25.07
Florida $52,090 $25.05

Is postal exam 473 difficult?

The first section of the 473 exam is straightforward, but it is timed, so you must work quickly and accurately. Unless you have a photographic memory, most individuals find the remembering component to be the most difficult.

Is working for post office a good job?

Working for the United States Postal Service is a rewarding experience. The work is enjoyable, but the workload may be overwhelming at times. It provides competitive compensation, benefits, and advancement opportunities. I’m employed as an RCA (a sub for regular rural mail carriers).

What is the best job at the post office?

“The best job in the post office is rural carrier.” – Federal Soup – Postal Employees

What happens after you pass the postal exam?

If you still want to work for the USPS, you’ll have to retake the postal test 473 and go through the entire process of clearing it. This could take another four to six months, or perhaps a year. You will be invited for an interview and an impromptu orientation session if you pass the drug test.

How do I take the postal exam?

Exams are scheduled by the applicants themselves. You will receive an assessment invitation e-mail after submitting an application for a job with the post office. There is a maximum number of candidates for some jobs. You will not be invited to take the USPS exam if the job’s limit has been surpassed.

What is a good score on the postal exam?

What Does a Good USPS Assessment Test Score Look Like? A score of 70 is required to pass any of the four Postal Exams, and any score above that is regarded good. If you notice an ineligible status instead of a score, you haven’t met the minimum scoring requirement of 70.

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What does a postal clerk do?

Receiving and sorting mail, selling postage, weighing packages, stamping envelopes, serving clients, selling money orders, taking passport photos, and ensuring mail has correct zip codes and addresses are among the responsibilities performed in a post office.

How long is the postal exam?

The proctored evaluation will last about 90 minutes and must be done by trained persons at an approved venue. I’m applying for a job that requires Exam 473 (e.g., City Carrier, Rural Carrier). I was told that I had three days to begin the non-proctored examination.

What is the highest paying job at the post office?

Postal Jobs with the Best Pay

  • General Postmaster.
  • President of the company, as well as its Chief Marketing and Sales Officer.
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer

How many hours a week do postal workers work?

The majority of USPS employees work full-time, which means they are guaranteed 40 hours each week. New hires are normally on a temporary basis, with no guarantee of 40 hours per week. Other clerks may or may not be full-time employees. Some of them may work as little as 20 hours per week.

Does the post office pay well?

An entry-level postal employee’s starting compensation with perks is over $20 per hour. When you factor in the value of benefits (which are worth roughly 33% of salaries, according to the data), the salary range for these positions is $20.17 per hour for non-career employees to $39.98 per hour for career employees.

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