FAQ: How To Get A Job At Ea Sports?

Ea Sports jobs

Full-time (113); $90,000 (53); Senior Level (12); Entry-level (36); Mid Level (71)

How do you get a job at EA?

Here are a few key points to remember:

  1. EA is looking for you, and they’re actively reaching out to people all over the place u2013 including YouTube, where they discovered the guy who was making video game trailers.
  2. Get involved in the community.
  3. EA values doers over talkers.
  4. Include a cover letter if you’re a junior designer.

Is EA a good company to work for?

According to Glassdoor, EA’s employees rank it as the 56th best company to work for, with perks like free games, ice cream, and an on-site masseur. According to GamesIndustry.biz, EA’s praise stems from its “high salaries and nice perks,” which include free games, ice cream, and an on-site masseur.

Is EA and EA Sports the same?

The majority of EA Sports games are developed by EA Vancouver, an Electronic Arts studio in Burnaby, British Columbia, as well as EA Tiburon in Maitland, Florida; EA Sports’ main competitor is 2K Sports.

Formerly Electronic Arts Sports Network (1991–1993)
Website easports.com

How do you get Sims to work?

You can either wait for the carpool to arrive and automatically leave, or you can click on your sim and select the “Go to Work” option.

Why is EA hated?

Gamers despise corporations that buy out fun game studios and turn them into industrialized, perfunctory factory-outlets; EA’s decision to kill off favored studios in order to control their brands is easily one of the top reasons why people dislike them so much.

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Why is EA so greedy?

Because EA Games is greedy, they are focusing solely on profit, ignoring the needs of their customers, who, after all, are the ones who will be purchasing games.

How many people work for EA Games?

EA in Comparison to Other Stocks

Electronic Arts Annual Number of Employees
2019 9,700
2018 9,300
2017 8,800
2016 8,500

Where is EA Games located?

EA is known for a portfolio of critically acclaimed, high-quality brands such as The SimsTM, Madden NFL, EA SPORTSTM FIFA, BattlefieldTM, Need for SpeedTM, Dragon AgeTM, and Plants vs. ZombiesTM.

What happened to EA Big?

After Rechtschaffner’s departure, EA Sports Big fizzled out among increasingly mediocre sequels, such as uninspired iterations of the not-so-great to begin NFL Street series and SSX sequels that struggled to capture the spirit of the original trilogy, until the label was completely replaced by EA Sports Freestyle in 2007.

What is the biggest EA game?

  • Football Manager u2013 18.1 million copies sold.
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour u2013 25 million copies sold.
  • Tony Hawk’s u2013 30 million copies sold.
  • EA Sports’ NBA Live u2013 30 million copies sold between 1994 and 2009, but has struggled to keep up with SEGA’s NBA 2K in recent years.
  • WWE 2K u2013 60 million copies sold.
  • Gran Turismo u2013 80 million copies sold.
  • NBA 2K u2013

Is 2K better than EA?

EA Sports produces sports video games such as NFL, NBA, NHL, FIFA, and UFC, while 2K Sports produces WWE and NBA games and will soon release a PGA game. EA Sports is the clear winner in this category, while 2K Sports has reduced the number of sports they are involved in.

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What Sims job makes the most money?

There are three jobs in The Sims 4 where you earn the most money:

  • Interstellar smuggler (Astronaut path): 14,868 Simoleons per week
  • Triple agent (Secret Agent path): 12,875 Simoleons per week
  • Boss (Criminal path): 12,460 Simoleons per week

Can a Sim have 2 jobs?

Sims older than teenagers can work up to two part-time jobs, as long as their schedules don’t conflict; part-time jobs have three levels; the base game has five, and The Sims 4: Island Living adds three more: diver, fisherman, and lifeguard.

Do Sims go to work on their own?

They don’t look for work unless they’re drafted into a position as a bartender, mail carrier, or gardener.

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