FAQ: How To Get A Job At Osha?


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, is a federal agency that monitors working conditions, and because it’s a government agency, it can be difficult to get hired. However, if you pass a background check and other requirements, you have a good chance of getting hired as an OSHA inspector.

I Want to Work for OSHA. What Do I Have to Do?

OSHA inspector jobs require applicants to have either education or experience, or both. An associate’s degree is required to work for OSHA without prior experience as an inspector, and military experience working in an inspection role is also required.

What Kind of Education and Qualifications Do I Need to Work for OSHA?

Working for OSHA entails inspecting workplaces for compliance and health and safety violations, with many people starting out as entry-level inspectors on the GS-6 pay scale. If you’ve worked as a safety inspector for a private employer or local government for at least one year, you’re eligible to apply.

How Much Can I Make Working for OSHA?

GS-6 pay ranges from around $58,000 to around $58,000, depending on location. Getting a raise at OSHA is based on how long you’ve worked there; it takes 18 years to move from step 1 to step 10 if you stay in the same pay grade.

How do I get a job with OSHA?

Get Relevant Education and Work Experience A bachelor’s degree in a field related to health and safety standards, such as biology, engineering, chemistry, or occupational health, is required to work as an OSHA inspector.

How much do you make working for OSHA?

Salary of an OSHA Safety Inspector

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Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $79,000 $38
75th Percentile $60,000 $29
Average $48,765 $23
25th Percentile $30,000 $14

Is OSHA a good career?

OSHA was a wonderful and professional company to work for; they were very generous and flexible with hours and schedules to make it convenient for both the worker and the employer. OSHA is only my certification for doing my job.

How do I become OSHA certified?

Get Trained or Become a Trainer The OSHA Outreach Training Program provides workers with basic and advanced training about common workplace safety and health hazards, as well as an OSHA 10-hour or 30-hour course completion card.

Can OSHA put you in jail?

OSHA maintains a nationwide watchlist of trainers who have failed to adhere to OSHA’s training program requirements and asks the public to report fraudulent activity. The charges carry a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

What kind of jobs can I get with an OSHA certification?

OSHA’s 30-hour Workweek Average by Job

  • Project Engineer.
  • Construction Superintendent.
  • Construction Superintendent, Commercial.
  • Safety Manager.
  • Project Manager, Construction.
  • Assistant Project Manager, Construction.

Is it worth getting OSHA certified?

Yes, OSHA 30 certification is a 30-hour General Industry Outreach Training Program designed to provide a variety of training to supervisors and workers who have some safety responsibility, and it is highly valued and considered a bonus by employers in the industrial sector.

What is the highest OSHA certification?

Trainer cards, which represent the highest level of achievement and proficiency, are at the top of the hierarchy. Trainer card. Authorizes you to teach 10- and 30-hour outreach courses and receive OSHA student completion cards.

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How long does OSHA 30 actually take?

OSHA 30 takes four days to complete and includes 30 hours of in-depth training on workplace safety and health topics.

How long is the OSHA 500 course?

This four-day program is for those who want to teach the 10-hour and 30-hour construction safety and health outreach classes.

How much do safety inspectors make?

Inspectors in New South Wales earn an average of $82,528 per year.

How much does a safety man make?

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Safety Officer Jobs. Fremont, CA beats the national average by $8,372 (16.2%), and Santa Clara, CA continues the trend with another $10,860 (21.0%) above the $51,753 average.

City Fremont, CA
Annual Salary $60,126
Monthly Pay $5,010
Weekly Pay $1,156
Hourly Wage $28.91


Who needs to be OSHA certified?

Workers classified as “construction workers” are required to receive training on a variety of job-specific safety issues, including general safety and health provisions, personal protective equipment, fall protection, and other topics as defined by OSHA standards.

Do OSHA certifications expire?

The short answer is no; remember, there is no official ” certificate “, but there is a wallet card that acknowledges completion of a course from an OSHA-approved provider, and this card does not expire; however, if you earned your OSHA 10 card through this program, it will expire after five years.

How long does OSHA training last?

OSHA has also approved online OSHA 10 hour training courses for construction and general industry. These online courses are taken at the student’s own pace and can take up to six months to complete (although they can complete the online OSHA 10 hour courses in as little as two days).

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