How To Get A Job At Jane Street?

How to get a job at Jane Street

Jane Street Capital is a self-described ‘quantitativeu00a0tradingu00a0firm and liquidity provider’ with a ‘unique focus on technology and collaborative problem solving.’ If you think internships and entry-level jobs in investment banking are nothing to sneeze at, think again.
Jane Street Financial pays U.S. interns $14.5k per month plus a $500 per week work-from-home stipend; graduate hires last year were said to be paid a base salary of $200,000. The firm codes almost entirely in OCAML, a functional programming language, and up to 200 people typically submit correct answers to each question on Jane Street’s site.

How much do Jane Street traders make?

What does a Jane Street Quantitative Trader make? The average Jane Street Quantitative Trader salary is $136,363.

How much does Jane Street pay interns?

Jane Street Salaries. 308 Jane Street employees have shared their salaries on Glassdoor. Select your job title to see how much you could make at Jane Street.

Job Title Salary
Intern salaries – 1 salaries reported $57/hr

How prestigious is Jane Street?

Jane Street, on the other hand, is top tier in quant trading; everyone in finance/Wall Street knows about them, and they have one of the highest densities of International Math Olympiad medalists among companies of similar size. Recruiters are well aware of JS.

How much is Jane Street worth?

Jane Street Capital, or Jane Street, is a global proprietary trading firm with approximately 1,200 employees that is one of the world’s largest market-makers, trading over $17 trillion in securities in 2020.

Industry Financial services
Website www.
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How does Jane Street make money?

For those unfamiliar with Jane Street, it’s one of the world’s largest market makers, electronically matching buy and sell orders for ETFs, options, and bonds, according to the Financial Times.

What programming language do quants use?

Quant traders/researchers write prototype code in Python, MATLAB, and R, which are then coded up in a (perceived) faster language like C by a quant developer.

Is Jane Street a hedge fund?

Jane Street Capital is a proprietary trading firm based in New York City, which means it trades with the firm’s own assets and is not a hedge fund.

What do Jane Street do?

We are a global liquidity provider and market maker, primarily trading exchange-listed products but also active in the options, futures, currencies, commodities, and fixed income markets.

How much do quant traders make?

What do Quants Make? Compensation in the field of finance is notoriously high, and quantitative analysis is no exception. 4 5 It’s not uncommon to find positions with advertised salaries of $250,000 or more, and when bonuses are factored in, a quant could easily make $500,000 per year.

What language does Jane Street use?

We’re big fans of functional programming, and we use OCaml, a statically typed functional language, as our primary development platform. Jane Street’s development team is small by design, so we need to get the most out of each person we hire.

Who runs Jane Street?

Jane Street, which was founded by four partners, including Michael Jenkins and Robert Granieri, now employs approximately 50 bond salespeople and traders.

What is it like working at Jane Street?

We have regular after-work events, such as chess and ping-pong tournaments, card games, trivia nights, dinners, sports and cultural outings, and even the occasional karaoke night, because people at Jane Street enjoy working togetheru2014and playing together.

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What companies use OCaml?

Agora, CrowdStrike, and Jane Street are among the 37 companies that reportedly use OCaml in their tech stacks.

  • Jane Street.
  • Diffbot.
  • BitMEX.
  • Maersk Digital.
  • Rung.
  • Onakasuita.
  • Agora.
  • CrowdStrike.
  • Jane Street.

Who are the biggest market makers?

15 Known High-Frequency Trading Companies

  • (1) Virtu Financial u2014 Founded in 2008 by Vincent Viola and Doug Cifu, Virtu is one of the world’s largest high-frequency market makers, with a strong presence in US equities. (2) Citadel Securities u2014 Citadel Securities is the market-making arm of Citadel LLC, a financial firm founded by Ken Griffin in 1990.

How do market makers make money?

Market makers make money by charging a spread on buy and sell prices and transacting on both sides of the market. Market makers profit from the spreads between the price investors receive and market prices, as well as commissions from providing liquidity to their clients’ firms.

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