How To Get A Job At Net A Porter?


The YOOX NET-A-PORTER Group, which employs 62% women and has 10 offices around the world, provides a unique environment for our employees worldwide: an inclusive culture that fosters growth through an innovation-fueled ecosystem.

How much discount do net-a-porter staff get?

The best thing about the staff discount is that it is renewed every year, and they used to have great Christmas parties! The best thing about the staff discount is that it is renewed every year, but the maternity package could be improved, and more flexibility on smart working and flexible working hours should be offered!

Can I trust net-a-porter?

It’s actually easier than going back to a store to return an item. They also have fabulous styling on their website, great descriptions, and videos to show how a product moves. It’s one of the most reliable websites I’ve come across on the internet!

How does net-a-porter work?

Net-A-Porter uploads fashion merchandise (industry jargon for fashion products) three times a week, with up to 400 items each time, and website subscribers are notified of these uploads so they can stay current.

Where is net-a-porter located?

YOOX Net-a-Porter Group is a fashion retailer based in New York City.

Type Società per Azioni
Founded 5 October 2015
Founder Federico Marchetti
Headquarters Milan, Italy
Area served Worldwide

Are Net a Porter returns free?

For Manhatten Premier customers, we offer a free returns process through our shipping partner DHL or our courier service, as long as you request a return within 7 days of delivery, or send an email to [email protected] with any questions.

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Does Net a Porter sell authentic?

They’re real; they’re a platform for the luxury fashion industry founded by Jose Neves in 2008, with customers from over 190 countries and fashion items from over 50.

How does Mr Porter make money?

Mr. Porter flipped traditional channels, relying on e-commerce to drive sales, with changes in typical product organization and limited mirroring of brick and mortar features reinforcing this decision.

What makes net-a-porter successful?

NET -A- PORTER’s competitive advantage is its exceptional customer service and integration of multichannel experience, which is critical to winning in the fragmented fashion e-commerce space. Operation excellence is being leveraged to support the unparalleled customer experience, which is critical to winning in the fragmented fashion e-commerce space.

Is net-a-porter in the US?

The YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP has offices and operations in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Japan, China, and Hong Kong, and ships to over 180 countries.

What is the difference between Farfetch and net-a-porter?

Farfetch, unlike Net-A-Porter, does not own any of the merchandise it sells; instead, it provides an online platform for brands and fashion boutiques to sell, putting Farfetch at a lower risk than Net-A-Porter, which owns the merchandise it sells.

Does Net-a-Porter have stores?, the luxury fashion retailer, made its first foray into the physical world last night with an augmented reality pop-up window shop.

Who is Mr Porter?

Following the merger of YOOX Group and THE NETA PORTER GROUP in October 2015, MR PORTER is now part of YOOX NETA PORTER GROUP, which combines the best international menswear with expert advice and inspirational content.

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