How To Work Avaya Phone?

How do you answer an Avaya phone?

Answering calls on an Avaya handset –

How do I setup my Avaya phone?

How to Setup Avaya IP Phone – 9608 –

How do you heat transfer on Avaya phone?

Transferring calls

To transfer a call to another extension, press the transfer button. This gives you a dial tone and will put your current caller on hold. Dial the 4-digit extension number you are transferring to, then either: 1. Hang up, and the caller will be transferred straight through 2.

How do I fix my Avaya phone?

You may just need to unplug and plug your phone back in. Note that your phone plugs into your network jack, and your computer plugs into the back of your phone. If that still doesn’t work, you may need to do a VLAN reset. Go to Move/Reboot/Reset an Avaya 4600 Set or Move/Reboot/Reset an Avaya 9600 Set.

What is default password for Avaya phone?


How do I dial a local phone number?


  • To call another campus number, dial the last five digits of the telephone number; for example, for 855-1234, dial 5-1234.
  • To call an off-campus local number, dial 9 and then the full ten-digit telephone number, including the area code.

How do I setup my Avaya 9611g?

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How do I reset my Avaya phone?

Reset Avaya 9608

  1. Reboot the phone.
  2. Press the * button to program when it prompts as the phone is starting up.
  3. Press mute, then type in 27238 # (CRAFT).
  4. A menu will appear, scroll down to Clear and press Start.
  5. The display will show “Press Clear again to confirm”.

How do I set up an IP phone?

IP Phone Setup Guide

  • Plug the phone in and connect it to your network.
  • Find the IP address of the phone through the phone menu system.
  • Go to any computer on your network and open its web browser.
  • You can configure up to 2 extension numbers by default into the phone.
  • Go to the Axon web panel -> Extensions section.