How To Work For A Celebrity?

How much does a personal assistant to a celebrity make?

According to the Association of Celebrity Assistants, the average annual income for a celebrity personal assistant is approximately $62,000. However, those who work for A-list celebrities can earn anywhere between $120,000 to $150,000 per year.

How do you get a job as a personal assistant to a celebrity?

Start talking to anyone you know who has a job related to the entertainment industry. Tell them you’re looking for a job as a celebrity personal assistant and ask if they know anyone you should talk to. Talk up your people skills and event-planning background.

How do you get a celebrity to wear your brand?

How To Get Your Fashion Brand Into The Hands of Celebrities

  • Work With Their Representatives. When it comes to partnering with celebrities, most times you won’t actually be working directly with the celebrity β€” you’ll be working with their representatives.
  • Send Through Their Stylist.
  • Invite Them To Your Warehouse.
  • Get Your Product Into Gift Bags or Gift Lounges.

Who is Kylie Jenner assistant?

Victoria Villarroel

How do you get in contact with celebrities?

Check out your favorite celebrity’s Twitter.

Make a Twitter account and follow your favorite celeb. Tweet at them directly by using the @ symbol followed by their account name. Use tags that your celebrity is using to improve the chances of them seeing your posts. Follow Twitter accounts that your celebrity follows.

What it’s like to be a celebrity assistant?

Celebrity personal assistants are lifestyle managers who work behind the scenes to keep a star’s life organized, punctual, and productive. They juggle multiple hats for their famous bosses. On any given day, a celebrity personal assistant can act as an executive secretary, personal shopper, event planner, or counselor.

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Do personal assistants live with celebrities?

They Put Their Own Lives On Hold

Former assistant Shanna Mahin explained to Business Insider that most assistants forgo romance while employed because they are already β€œin a committed relationship with [their] celebrity.” The same goes for leaving family gatherings and hangouts with friends at a moment’s notice.

How can I become famous?

How to Become Famous –