How To Work For Playstation?

How much do PlayStation workers make?

PlayStation Salaries

Job Title Salary
Intern salaries – 10 salaries reported $22/hr
Associate Software Engineer salaries – 9 salaries reported $91,925/yr
Manager salaries – 9 salaries reported $134,618/yr
Senior Project Manager salaries – 8 salaries reported $121,645/yr

16 more rows

Is PlayStation a good place to work?

Top shelf. Sony is one of the best companies in the world to work for. PlayStation can be a fun place to work with it’s emphasis on customer experience. That said, it is often difficult to understand why we do what we do.

How do I get my ps4 to work?

Connect the console to your TV.

  • Connect the included HDMI cable to your TV and the PS4’s HDMI Out port.
  • Connect your console to your cable or satellite box.
  • Unplug the existing HDMI cable connecting your cable or satellite box to the TV and plug it into the PS4’s HDMI In port.
  • Plug the PS4 into a power source.

How old do you have to be to work for PlayStation?