How To Work In A Dispensary?

The educational requirements for a budtender are varied by state and dispensary; however, individuals will need at least a high school diploma.

Some job seekers may choose to pursue a budtender certification offered online through various educational institutions.

Why do you want to work at a dispensary?

Working at a dispensary means your clients need to learn to trust you and your knowledge. They gain that trust by purchasing products that you recommend that work. Therefore, you need to come to interviews prepared to give excellent advice and demonstrate your knowledge of the plant.

How do you become a Budtender?

So, here’s everything you need to know on how to become a budtender.

  • Product Knowledge. It’s the number one factor for how to get a job at a dispensary.
  • Predict Industry Trends.
  • Be Personable.
  • Prepare for Your Interview.
  • Step 5: Set Yourself Apart from the Competition.

How do dispensaries pay their employees?

Some cannabis businesses pay their employees by cash or using a product trade-out or bartering system, both of which are frowned upon. For example, any one of your employees could potentially come after you and your business for unemployment money they’re unable to collect from the government.

How do I get my badge to work in a dispensary?

How to Get Your Colorado MED Badge

  2. Step One: Check your eligibility for a MED license.
  3. Step Two: Complete and sign an application.
  4. Step Three: Make an appointment at a MED office.
  5. Step Four: Submit your application and application fee of $100.
  6. Step Five: Receive your MED badge in the mail!