How To Work In France?

How do I get a job in France?

This guide will walk you through 8 steps you need to follow to give yourself the best chance of landing a job in Paris.

  • Learn French.
  • Shape your résumé or CV to fit local customs.
  • Keep your industry in mind.
  • Begin your online search.
  • Work with an agent.
  • Spend time networking.
  • Get prepared for your interview.

How can I legally work in France?

If you are employed in France for more than three months, you must submit an employment contract along with your application, and your employer must apply for a work permit. You will be issued with a long-stay visa serving as a residence permit, which is valid for up to 12 months.

How can a foreigner get a job in France?

Work in France as a Foreigner

If you are from outside of France, you will need to make sure you meet all the requirements for working in France. This means you may need a work visa and residence permit. To find out if you are first eligible to work in France, check out our Visas and Work Permits section of the guide.

Is it difficult to get a job in France?

It’s hard to get employed in France

France has some of the tightest employment laws in the world. It can be expensive to take new staff, because of the cost the company has to pay towards pensions, healthcare, and other benefits.

Can I get a job in France without speaking French?

But make no mistake, it still isn’t easy to find a job in France without fluent French. In fact, it can take a year or more to land a job in your industry. But even if your work is in English, you should plan on learning as much French as possible.

What jobs are in demand in France?

Here are the highest paid jobs in France to help you choose wisely.

  1. Brokers.
  2. Company Directors.
  3. Civil Service Officers.
  4. Airplane Pilots.
  5. Financial Advisers.
  6. Lawyers.
  7. Police Officers.
  8. Marketing Managers.

Is it hard to get a work visa in France?

According to the French Embassy, Americans can stay in France (without working) for up to three months on a tourist visa. If you want to stay longer than that you need to apply for a work visa. The problem is, you must have secured a job before you can apply for a work visa.

What documents do I need to work in France?

You’ll need to bring along your passport (issued within the last 10 years and with three months validity past the end of the visa), a completed application form and plus any other documentation required by the type of work (and permit) for which you are applying.

Do I need a work permit to work in France?

Citizens of the EU and EEA do not require a work permit to take up work in France. You are also exempt from obtaining a work permit if you are a foreign employee working for less than three months in the following fields: Sporting, cultural, artistic and scientific events.