How To Work Siri On Iphone 6s?

For Seniors: How to Activate Siri on Your iPhone 6

  • 1To activate Siri at this point, just tap Use Siri.
  • 2Tap the Settings icon on the Home screen.
  • 3Tap General and then tap Siri.
  • 4In the dialog, tap the On/Off switch to turn Siri on.
  • 5If you wish to change the language Siri uses, tap Language.
  • 6To change the gender of Siri’s voice from female to male, tap Voice Gender.

How do I activate Siri on my iPhone 6s?

Enable Siri

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iOS device.
  2. Scroll down and select Siri and Search.
  3. Choose whether to enable Siri by voice with Hey Siri or choose to just push the button for Siri.
  4. Tap Enable Siri.

Why does Siri not work on iPhone 6s?

1. Restart Siri on iPhone: Go to Settings > General > Tap on Siri > Toggle it to off and turn on it again. 2. Enable Hey Siri: Make sure that Hey Siri option is enabled: Settings > General > Siri > Tap on Allow Hey Siri.

How do I use Siri on my iPhone?

How to use Siri on your iPhone or iPad — Apple Support –

How can I use Siri without home button?

“You can speak to Siri without pressing the home button by saying ‘Hey Siri’ when connected to power,” iOS 8 notifies users. “Hey, Siri” works in any situation as long as the iPhone or iPad is plugged in, even if the screen is locked or if an application is open and running.