How To Work With Fiberglass Cloth And Resin?

How do you use fiberglass cloth and resin?

Wet Method of Applying Fiberglass Cloth or Tape

  • Prepare the surface for epoxy bonding.
  • Roll a heavy coat of epoxy on the surface.
  • Unroll the glass cloth over the wet epoxy and position it.
  • Apply a second coat of epoxy with a foam roller.
  • Remove the excess epoxy with a spreader, using long overlapping strokes.

Can I use fiberglass cloth with epoxy?

Because the fiberglass is structural to the epoxy coating rather than the boat hull, it’s possible to use a lightweight cloth. Avoid using fiberglass mat with epoxy resins. The binder that holds the mat together is dissolved by the styrene in polyester resins.

Can you use fiberglass resin without the cloth?

You may be tempted to use resin without some kind of backing like matting or fiberglass cloth. DON’T USE JUST RESIN! You will definitely want to use at the very least matting (easy, thicker matrix, soaks up resin fast!)

How do you epoxy fiberglass fabric?

Applying Fiberglass Fabric with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy –