Often asked: How To Get A Job As A Videogame Tester?

How to Become a Video Game Tester & Land a Game Testing Job

Video game testing is a difficult job that entails much more than just thumbing through games. The majority of people utilize it as a stepping stone to a career in video games. Online Game Testing Degrees are a terrific opportunity to learn more about this interesting and hard profession.

Quick Facts About Becoming a Video Game Tester

What Do Game Testers Do?

Video game testers look for “glitches” or “bugs” in games so that programmers can correct them before the games are distributed to the general public. Testers go through each stage numerous times to try all of the possibilities and report back to the development team.

Video Game Tester Salary Potential

Video game testers earn an average yearly pay of $53,030, while individuals with years of expertise in the field can earn more than $70,000. There are numerous part-time and temporary hourly jobs evaluating video games that pay between $10 and $15 per hour.

What Skills Do Game Testers Need?

To be able to report defects to developers, testers must have above-average attention to detail, communication skills, and troubleshooting abilities. As you strive to uncover all of the probable faults, the work can get monotonous, thus a strong work ethic is essential. Video game testers must also have an excellent eye-to-eye view.

What Education Do Video Game Testers Need?

To become a game tester, there are no formal educational prerequisites. A degree in game design, video graphics, computer programming, or another related field is common among game testers. Those who are enrolled but have not completed their degrees are in a great position to find jobs that are closely related to their studies.

Where Do Video Game Testers Work?

Some video game testers work in-house at larger corporations, primarily on the East and West coasts. Smaller studios can be found all around the country, and they may engage contract workers to test games at various times. Furthermore, some opportunities allow you to work from home, allowing you to evaluate games on your own equipment.

Video Game Testing Jobs

Video games are exploding in popularity, with at least 75% of Americans claiming to have a gamer in their home. Having a background in a similar industry, such as game design, computer programming, graphic design, technical writing, quality assurance, or communications, can help you stand out among the many job candidates.

Steps to Become a Video Game Tester

Find out if a job as a game tester is suited for you, and compare degree and certificate programs to see which is the best fit for you. Take classes to improve your abilities or finish a degree in a related subject. Completing further schooling will help you to beef up your résumé.

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What Do Game Testers Do?

Video game testers are employees of video game businesses that are responsible for properly testing games to ensure that they are free of “bugs,” “glitches,” and other issues. The role of a video game tester is to break the game rather than to play it.

Video Game Tester Salary Potential

The average yearly income for testers is $55,030. The average salary for entry-level QA workers with zero to one year of experience is $42,186 per year. Some occupations pay very little, barely beyond minimum wage, yet they can be a good way to gain experience.

Perks of Being a Video Game Tester

A position as a game tester is an excellent method to gain expertise and contacts in the video game industry. It can help you advance your career in video game development and design. For these occupations, some colleges will offer remote education, while others may offer evening programs or part-time jobs.

Video Game Tester Requirements

Skills & Abilities

You must be familiar with the most popular video game genres and the fundamentals of game play. A skilled video game tester must have excellent writing and communication skills. You’ll have to reproduce the exact sequence that lead to the glitch you discovered dozens of times.

Personality Traits

A good video game tester will have an uncanny ability to find flaws that the common player will never see. When applying for a game testing position, you may anticipate to be put to the test in terms of details. A long video game career will also require the ability to meet deadlines and work alone.

Education Needed to Become a Game Tester

There are no educational or video game school requirements, but there are ways to improve your chances of earning a job as a video game tester. Game testers typically have a background in either game design or visual graphics, computer science, or other software-related professions.


Quality control, visual design, and web programming credentials are available to video game testers. Video game testers will profit from certifications as well. These certifications provide a direct education in a certain sector and can help you get started on a new professional path faster.

Related classes

A well-rounded education that improves communication skills will benefit a video game tester. Working a contract or part-time job might be a terrific way to supplement your income while pursuing your degree. Working as a QA tester is a great way to put your abilities to use if you want to work on game development teams.

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Where Do Video Game Testers Work?

Working On-Site for Video Game Companies

Jobs for video game quality assurance have appeared in smaller places such as Austin, TX, Las Vegas, NM, Utah, Iowa, and elsewhere. Some work may be done at a game development company’s headquarters, but temporary positions may be set up in rented space before to a release.

Video Game Testing from Home

If a work-from-home opportunity sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You will never be charged a price to apply for a legitimate job, so don’t fall for it. Almost all game testers are required to supply their own equipment, which means you’ll have to buy consoles and laptops.

Video Game Testing Jobs

According to the Entertainment Software Association, there are thousands of video game testers in the United States. Because the educational requirements are relatively low, numerous competent people often apply for a single position. This emphasizes the importance of knowledge, as it provides an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Related Careers

A video game tester could be the ideal candidate for the next big video game. You may be the ideal tester if you have the necessary education, a keen eye for detail, and outstanding communication skills. If you want to work in video game testing, Online Degrees for Game Testers is an excellent place to start.

What is the best way to get a job as a game tester?

Advice on how to work as a video game tester

  1. Develop your abilities as a video gamer.
  2. Obtain technical education.
  3. Learn how to make a bug report, participate in public beta tests of games, and intern with gaming firms to gain some technical experience.

How do I become a videogame tester at home?

How can you start working as a game tester?

  1. Learn what a game tester does and whether a career as a game tester is suited for you.
  2. Learn the fundamental techniques and terminology of game testing.
  3. Get your official education or training completed (optional)
  4. Prepare a CV and cover letter for game testing.

How can I be a videogame tester?

To work as a computer games tester, you don’t need any formal qualifications, but you do need solid IT and analytical abilities, as well as a passion for games. Although programming A levels in computing, math, and physics would all be beneficial, there are no specific topics necessary.

Are game testers in demand?

The demand for game testers is directly proportional to the overall demand for games. The amount of possibilities for testers is also influenced by the complexity of the games, as more intricate games require more hours of testing to reach market ready.

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Is Game Testing a good career?

Even if you’re the best Grand Theft Auto player in your group, that doesn’t mean you’d be a fantastic video game tester. Despite the fact that this is a highly coveted employment with low educational requirements, the majority of individuals utilize it as a stepping stone to a career in the video game business.

Can you be a game tester at 13?

If you’re 13, getting a job as a game tester will be challenging. There are, however, various online and offline tasks you can do to earn money.

How do I become a paid game tester?

Testers for video games You must pass an evaluation to become a tester. For each product you test out, you’ll need to leave extensive reviews and feedback. According to their website, testers can earn between $50 and $150 per hour.

Can I get paid to play video games?

Twitch, the video game platform, may recognize our geekiness, my gaming compatriots… and assist us in making money with it.

How much do video game testers make 2019?

As of November 2019, the average hourly wage for a game tester in the United States was $14.13, with a range of $7.25 to $44.10. As a game tester, your pay will be determined by your experience and the company you work for.

Can video game testers work from home?

Video game testers can work in an office setting or remotely, either from home or in a game testing organization with several clients. Some businesses choose to establish an in-house testing team so that testers may interact directly with developers.

How much does a game tester make a week?

What is the hourly wage for a game tester?

Annual Salary Weekly Pay
Top Earners $104,000 $2,000
75th Percentile $100,000 $1,923
Average $63,676 $1,224
25th Percentile $31,000 $596

Can you make money playing ps4?

Sony has begun to reward customers who earn trophies on their PlayStation 4 with PSN money. Players can earn points slowly by collecting silver and gold trophies, or they can earn significant payments by obtaining platinum trophies in their favorite games.

How do I start a career in video games?


  1. Discussion boards are a great place to share your work.
  2. Starting a gaming blog is a great way to get your name out there.
  3. Create your own independent games.
  4. Get a job as a Game Tester at the basic level.
  5. Obtain an internship with a video game development studio.
  6. Obtain a college degree in video games.
  7. Pursue a standard college diploma.
  8. Take a non-gamedev position at a gaming studio.

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