Often asked: How To Get A Job At Apple Retail?

r/apple – How in the world can I get hired by the Apple Store?

When it comes to work, the Apple Store is my go-to spot. I’m unhappy at my current job and aspire to work at the Apple Store one day, where I can be a part of the culture and technology. I like dealing with people to almost everything else. I’m fascinated by technology and want to share it with everyone that enters one.

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Is it hard to get hired at Apple?

Because Apple is exceedingly picky about who they hire, you’ll most likely be surrounded by highly qualified coworkers. Your crew will be well-educated, and you will have no trouble getting along with them. One of the few disadvantages is that even if you acquire a part-time work at Apple, getting a full-time position is extremely difficult and competitive.

Can I get a job at Apple with no experience?

Technical specialists can work full-time or part-time, and they don’t need any prior technical expertise or experience because they’ll get all the training they need when they start.

How do you get hired at Apple?

Putting in an application for a job at Apple If you’re applying for a job, you’ll be asked to input your Apple ID, so make sure you have it ready. After that, you’ll be asked to submit your resume, select your areas of interest, and provide some personal information.

What are the requirements to work at Apple?


  • A minimum of five years of experience is required.
  • People that are outgoing and driven
  • Exceptional writing and oral communication abilities.
  • Capacity to react to a variety of retail-related conditions, such as unexpectedly heavy customer traffic or product launching events, as well as open schedules
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Does Apple Drug Test 2020?

Apple is a drug-free environment.

How much does Apple pay a hour?

The average Apple income ranges from $29,812 for a Service Technician to $198,097 for a Counsel. Apple’s average hourly compensation ranges from $11.00 per hour for a Mobile Phone Technician to $64.24 per hour for a Project Manager.

Do Apple employees get free phones?

On the first unit of any product purchased, an Apple employee will receive a 25% discount. As a result, he has access to the whole Apple product line (iPhone, iPad, Mac Book 6). They can use this in conjunction with employee discounts (25 percent ). So that every three years they can acquire a free iPhone.

How long does it take to get hired at Apple?

In most cases, the Apple interview process consists of up to four steps. From start to finish, the hiring process might take anywhere from two to four months. You’ll have to sign off on critical information in your résumé.

What are Apple employees called?

Apple’s employee training guidebook for Apple Store tech-support staff, known as Geniuses, is the Genius Training Student Workbook.

What is Apple’s interview process?

The interview process for a software engineer at Apple takes about 1-2 months on average. The onsite interview lasts 5 hours and is divided into 5 phases, each consisting of four technical interviews and a lunch interview. The questions cover the basics of coding algorithms, data structures, and design.

How do Apple store employees get paid?

In the United States, the average hourly salary for an Apple Retail Sales Associate is $15.67, which is 30% higher than the national average. Salary data is based on ten data points gathered from employees, users, and historical and present job adverts on Indeed in the last 36 months.

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Do you need a degree to work at Apple?

According to Glassdoor, Google, Apple, and IBM are among the organizations that don’t require a college diploma for certain employment. Despite this, experts claim that in most sectors, a college diploma is required.

Do Apple interns get paid?

The Payscale Apple pays a competitive compensation, ranging from $22–59 per hour depending on job, similar to internships offered at other prominent tech companies like Google or Microsoft. Interns who work more than 40 hours per week are also paid overtime.

Does Apple hire 16?

Apple’s Minimum Age Requirements for Employment If you wish to work at Apple as a teen, you must be at least 18 years old. If you have remarkable skills, the employer may allow you to join at the age of 17.

How much do Apple at home advisors get paid?

What does an Apple At Home Advisor make at Apple? The average income for an Apple Apple At Home Advisor is $19. Apple At Home Advisor compensation can range from $10 to $54 per hour.

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