Often asked: How To Get A Job At Kaiser Call Center?

Search Customer Services Jobs at Kaiser Permanente

The customer service teams of Kaiser Permanente are the company’s face and voice. They require you to answer problems, resolve grievances, and educate communities about our offers because they have over 11 million members, over 127,000 employees, and over 40 million doctor visits every year.

How do you get hired at Kaiser Permanente?

Our Hiring Methodology

  1. The first step is to figure out if you’re a good fit. Joining the Kaiser Permanente family is like joining a big, proud, innovative, and motivated family.
  2. Step 2: look for jobs and express interest.
  3. Pre-hire evaluations are the third step.
  4. Step 4: Interview and review of candidates.
  5. Candidate selection is the fifth step.

How does on call work at Kaiser?

Even if you are on-call or part-time, you must accept ALL hours offered to you. On-call/part-time simply implies that they must provide you with at least 20 hours per week. You are not requested to work as an on-call employee; you are told to work.

How long does it take to get hired at Kaiser Permanente?

It will take 6 weeks. Depending on the profession, 4-6 weeks of training is typical. In most cases, the hiring procedure is quick.

Is Kaiser Permanente a good company to work for?

More than 18 million reviews on one of the most popular job sites were used to obtain this top rating. Health care is ingrained in our daily lives.

How often do Kaiser employees get raises?

Each and every year. If you work full-time for a union, you will receive two raises every year. The first is in October, and the second is on your start date.

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Why do I want to work at Kaiser?

Answers to Interview Questions Because I believe in the importance of maintaining a consistent level of care. Providing assistance to both patients and doctors. Kaiser also encourages patients to receive outstanding customer service. Providing them with health-care information tailored to their own medical needs.

Does Kaiser Permanente pay well?

The typical Kaiser Permanente income ranges from $36,152 to $150,315 per year for Medical Records Clerks to Registered Nurses – ICU. The average hourly wage at Kaiser Permanente ranges from roughly $11.40 for a Senior Receptionist to $72.96 for a Behavioral Health Professional.

Is per diem the same as on call?

“Per Diem” is Latin for “by the day.” In other words, nurses who work on a per diem basis are basically on call. Depending on the facility or organization, working on call might entail a variety of things. For example, for ill calls, the nurse may be phoned the same day.

Is Kaiser a nonprofit?

Kaiser Permanente is a not-for-profit, integrated health-care delivery system whose objective is to enhance the health of its members and the communities it serves.

How do I prepare for a Kaiser interview?

Throughout the Interview

  1. Arrive at least 10 minutes early for your interview.
  2. Introduce yourself with a firm handshake and, if appropriate, a business card exchange.
  3. The interview questions are frequently preceded by a few minutes of “small talk.”
  4. Be open and honest about your abilities and achievements.

Does Kaiser do pre employment drug testing?

Drug Testing for Pre-Employment KP requires that all people outside of KP who have been offered work complete pre-employment drug testing demonstrating the absence of illegal drugs or forbidden use of legal drugs, in accordance with NATL. HR. 029, Pre-Employment Drug Testing.

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Can you work at Kaiser with a DUI?

No. You will not be hired. This is the most stringent application procedure I’ve ever seen. Having a DUI is something that should be handled with one of our HR recruiters, who will act as a guide to help you find work at Kaiser Permanente.

Do Kaiser employees get free healthcare?

Kaiser Permanente offers comprehensive Kaiser Employee Benefits, as well as a wonderful work culture and employee-friendly policies, to keep employees loyal and satisfied. Staff and their families have access to free on-site healthcare.

How much does Kaiser Permanente pay?

Jobs at Kaiser Permanente classified by hourly rate

Job Title Range Average
Medical Assistant Range:$17 – $30 Average:$22
Registered Nurse (RN), Emergency Room Range:$37 – $78 Average:$53
Staff Nurse Range:$41 – $84 Average:$58
Registered Nurse (RN), Operating Room Range:$41 – $72 Average:$54

Do Kaiser employees get a pension?

Kaiser Permanente has a number of retirement options that can help you save money in the future. The Kaiser Permanente Employees Pension Plan is a defined benefit pension plan that pays you a certain amount of money in retirement depending on your salary and years of service.

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