Question: How Can I Get A Job At Google?

How Hard is it to Get a Job at Google? (With Steps To Do It)

Google is one of the world’s largest computer businesses, but getting a job there isn’t easy. Here’s how difficult it is to find work and how to beat the odds by taking precise efforts. Take a look at my top advice for landing a Google job.

How Hard is it to Get a Job at Google?

Google receives 2 million job applications each year, making it more difficult to gain admission than Harvard. Every year, Google hires thousands of individuals, proving that it is possible! I’ll explain how to get a job at Google in the second half of this essay.

First, let’s look in more detail at why it’s so hard to get a job at Google.

Google is hiring for programmers and software engineers. Your school background will be scrutinized by Google, especially if you come from a company that isn’t tackling major challenges like Google. Despite the fact that there are numerous dev “bootcamps” and short ways to learn programming, Google prefers a regular four-year Computer Science degree.

Google can be picky because of how many applications they receive.

Google receives 2 million applications per year and is able to be exceedingly selective in all types of employment, from engineering to customer service. I’ll explain how YOU can improve your chances of landing a job at Google in the next section of this post.

How to Get a Job at Google

Google is one of the most well-known organizations in the world, yet finding a job there can be difficult. Here’s how to ensure you don’t lose out on the best opportunity to work for the search giant. Follow these strategies to increase your chances of finding a job.

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Networking is your best chance

Asking a question is the best method to acquire a job at Google through networking. Don’t ask for a large favor right away; your message will be removed. If you need more help, check out this post on how to locate your dream job for more advice and examples.

Write the perfect resume

You won’t obtain an interview with Google with a generic resume. A resume that is ideally targeted to the job you are going for is required. Make sure you’re talking about what you’ve done in previous roles, not just what you were in charge of.

Be persistent

Don’t give up after one or two applications if you want to work at Google. Even if you’re employed somewhere, be persistent and keep applying. Candidates that are currently employed are more appealing to employers. Don’t be scared to reapply six months or a year later.

How do I get a job at Google with no experience?

  1. 1) Begin your hunt.
  2. 2) Discover the Ideal Role.
  3. 3) Select the Appropriate Businesses.
  4. 4) Create an outstanding resume.
  5. 5) Create a compelling LinkedIn profile.
  6. 6) Work Your Way to a Job Through Networking.
  7. 7) Increase the number of interviews you have.
  8. 8) Respond to technical interview questions.

How can I get job in Google?

Fill up a job application

  1. When you’ve discovered a position you want to apply for, go to the top of the job description and click the APPLY button.
  2. Go to your Google Account and sign in. Keep track of which email address you use to log in and apply. At this address, we’ll email you notifications and updates.
  3. Upload your resume, complete the form, review it, and send it to us.
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Is it hard to get a job at Google?

Because of their high quality requirements and the large number of applications they receive each year, getting a job at Google is challenging. According to INC, Google receives 2 million job applications each year, making it more difficult to get into than Harvard University.

What are the chances of getting a job at Google?

Google has consistently been regarded as one of the best places to work year after year, so it’s no wonder that the internet giant receives almost three million applications each year. You’d have a greater chance of getting into Harvard with a 0.2 percent admission rate.

What is the lowest salary at Google?

Entry Level employees at Google are paid the least, at $51,000 per year.

Is Google hiring without degree?

There is no requirement for a degree or prior experience, as with other career certificates, according to Google. In fact, only 61 percent of students enrolling have a four-year degree. These skills and certifications can help with reselling and the ongoing learning that is required in the tech industry.

Do Google hire freshers?

According to official sources, Google is looking to hire eligible grads and postgraduates from all around India. Interested applicants can apply online through Google’s official website or through this post.

What should I study to get job in Google?

What is the best way to acquire a job at Google?

  • If your daydream led you here, that’s fantastic!
  • A bachelor’s degree in the relevant discipline or comparable practical experience is required for all of the positions.
  • One of Google’s basic values is that “great” isn’t good enough, and Googlers are expected to think outside the box.
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What kind of jobs are available in Google?


  • Engineering and technology are two terms that are used interchangeably. Develop goods and solutions for billions of consumers in the future.
  • Sales, service, and support are all aspects of the business. Provide businesses with the tools they need to succeed.
  • Marketing and public relations. Connect users to the magic of the product.
  • Business strategy. Design.
  • Finance, legal, and human resources.

Are Google employees happy?

Despite employee dissatisfaction, Google is ranked first among the CareerBliss 50 Happiest Companies for 2020. CareerBliss awards the top organizations that are excelling in creating a happy culture and great environment for employees, unlike any other award. Google is ranked No. 1 this year, up from No. 4 last year.

Is it worth working for Google?

Because Google is one of the most well-known technological corporations in the world, employees who leave the Googleplex have improved career chances. Employees are constantly exposed to other exceptional employees and brilliant thinkers because Google only hires the smartest and brightest minds.

What do Google employees get paid?

Salaries by Job Title on Google The average Google employee earns $122,345 per year, however earnings vary greatly depending on the job. Quantitative analyst, hardware engineer, program manager, and interface designer are some of the high-paying jobs at Google.

How hard is it to get hired at Amazon?

Despite the fact that there are over 20,000 available opportunities worldwide, the hiring procedure is quite competitive. Before you get to the final stage, which may necessitate a trip to Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, WA, you’ll have to go through a series of interviews, both in person and over the phone.

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