Question: How To Get A Job At Victoria’s Secret?

What are the requirements to work at Victoria’s Secret?

Workers must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma. For some Victoria’s Secret employment, however, it differs. For entry-level job applicants, previous retail experience is a bonus. Recruiters are still looking for people skills and a passion to sell.

How much does VS PINK pay per hour?

Hourly Rates at Victoria’s Secret

Job Title Range Average
Retail Sales Associate Range:$9 – $16 Average:$12
Sales Support Specialist Range:$10 – $17 Average:$13
Sales Specialist Range:$11 – $20 Average:$14
Retail Store Manager Range:$15 – $32 Average:$22

Do Victoria’s Secret employees get free stuff?

Employees have the option of receiving free or reduced products. They receive one free bra when they start working at Victoria’s Secret, and every time a new item is released, employees receive it at a heavily discounted price.

Is working at Victoria’s Secret a good job?

Employee testimonials from Victoria’s Secret. Very customer service based work that may be lucrative and has a lot of room for advancement in your position if you want to be a manager. However, progressing after achieving manager is difficult. The hours aren’t fantastic, and there are instances when you have to work really lengthy shifts at odd hours.

Does Victoria Secret hire 16?

To get a job, you must be at least 18 years old.

What should I wear to a Victoria’s Secret interview?

For the interview, employees should wear business casual attire. Dress fully in black to set yourself apart from other interviewees. Employees at Victoria’s Secret wear black uniforms, and recruiting supervisors prefer applicants who arrive at the interview dressed appropriately.

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What is Victoria’s Secret starting pay?

In the United States, how much does Victoria’s Secret pay? The average hourly wage at Victoria’s Secret ranges from $10.13 per hour for Cashier/Sales to $18.49 per hour for Department Manager.

Does Pink Pay weekly or biweekly?

They make bi-weekly payments.

How much do Victoria Secret models weigh?

What is the average weight of Victoria’s Secret models? The weight range is 110–125 lbs (about). You can be somewhat outside the range, but if you want to be a Victoria’s Secret model, you should definitely keep between the 105–130 pound range.

What is Victoria’s Secret dress code for employees?

Except for PINK, all roles require all-black business casual clothes. Dress pants, blouses, dresses, and shoes are all available. You’re a genius.

Does Victoria Secret Drug Test 2020?

No, they don’t screen for drugs.

What’s the employee discount at Victoria’s Secret?

Employees at Victoria’s Secret receive a 20% discount at first. Part-time employees earn 30% off after two months of service, while full-time employees earn 40% discount.

Can you wear leggings to work at Victoria’s Secret?

Leggings are OK as long as they are not from work or are PINK. Except if you become a PINK girl, all the dress codes from the top message apply if you’re in a stand-by store, which means your VS store has a PINK area. Pink girls are only allowed to wear pink attire on weekends and must wear tennis shoes.

What is the starting pay at Bath and Body Works?

The average hourly wage at Bath & Body Works is $10.00 per hour for Sales Professionals and $18.51 per hour for Assistant Managers. The average income at Bath & Body Works is $19,494 per year for a Lead Cashier and $185,000 per year for a Merchandiser.

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Do Victoria Secret workers get commission?

There will be no commission. Only full-time employees, and there were only around two of them.

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