Quick Answer: How To Get A Job With Fedex?

How to Get a Job at FedEx

If you don’t have access to the internet at home, try visiting your local library; in some cities, there are also internet cafes where you can pay a small fee to use their computers or internet. Putting each job in its own browser window will allow you to look at each job individually, which will help you weed out unwanted jobs by narrowing your search.
If you want to apply for more than one job, you can now move on to the next application, and your resume and application will be sent to the FedEx recruitment office. Tattoos and facial hair aren’t a problem for FedEx as long as you can deliver goods.

What are the requirements to work at FedEx?

Minimum Qualifications: A high school diploma or equivalent; a minimum of eighteen months (18) as a FedEx courier or service agent; knowledge of city geography and traffic flow; and a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record.

How long does it take to get a job at FedEx?

The hiring process takes about a week and has three answers.

What is FedEx starting pay?

The average FedEx salary in California ranges from approximately $31,771 per year for Package Handler to $76,485 per year for Truck Driver, with average FedEx hourly pay ranging from approximately $14.57 for Package Handler to $30.00 for Packer.

How long does it take to get hired at FedEx ground?

Keep in mind that it can take anywhere from 7 to 21 days for a new driver to go through FedEx Ground’s approval process, so having a hiring strategy in place can help you prepare for the unexpected.

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Is it easy to get hired at FedEx?

Easy application, quickly hired you after observation and filling out the application; regardless of whether you have experience or not, you will be hired regardless of whether you have transportation to work from home. Hell to work! Because you will be picking up 0.01 lbs. to 150 lbs. or more.

Does FedEx pay weekly?

Is it paid weekly or biweekly? The Retail Customer Service department pays biweekly.

Is FedEx a good job?

FedEx Employee Reviews. Decent job. Bad management, working 6 hours or 5 hours per day without a break. They advertised it as a full-time job at Indeed, but when you arrive, they switch you to a part-time job, making you work 6 hours or more per day without a break.

Does FedEx hold your first paycheck?

Is your first paycheck held by FedEx Ground? No company “holds” your first paycheck; payroll is processed when a pay period ends; if a pay period ends on Saturday, but your last work day of the week was Friday, payroll isn’t even processed until everyone who worked on Saturday has been accounted for.

What age does FedEx hire?

FedEx Positions and Salary Information The minimum age for employment at FedEx is 18 years old, and job seekers with little prior experience may find success in positions like customer representative or package handler.

What pays more UPS or FedEx?

In most cases, UPS drivers’ starting pay ($28/hr.) is close to where FedEx’s maximum pay ($27/hr.) ends. UPS full-time couriers can make a lot of money, but they work their tails off to get it. Drivers’ hours can be long.

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How many hours is full time at FedEx?

Full-time package handlers work around 7-8 hours per day, Quality Assurance works around 7-10 hours per day, and part-time package handlers work around 4-5 hours per day.

What is the highest paying job at FedEx?

According to our data, the highest-paying job at FedEx is Coordinator, which pays $232,000 per year, and the lowest-paying job is Associate Retail Consultant, which pays $20,000 per year.

How many hours do FedEx package handlers work?

They look after you well, and it’s only part-time work (you’ll be working 20 to 25 hours per week if you do the part-time package handler like I did), so you’ll have plenty of time to finish your classes and schoolwork while also earning money to help pay for your education.

Does FedEx Ground drug test package handlers 2020?

Fedex does not conduct drug tests on package handlers, but they do conduct a background check to ensure that you have not been convicted of any crimes or felonies.

What should I wear to orientation at FedEx?

Show up groomed and neatly dressed in slacks and a plain shirt with a collar; the orientation will explain what your work clothes will be, and if you need things like safety shoes, you’ll be given them or told where to get them.

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