Readers ask: How Do I Get A Job At Publix?

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Since its founding in 1930, Publix has grown from a single store to the nation’s largest employee-owned grocery chain. We are grateful to our customers and associates, and we will continue to be deeply committed to customer service and community involvement.

What is starting pay at Publix?

The average hourly pay at Publix ranges from $9.82 per hour for a Bagger to $23.97 per hour for a Manager, with an average annual salary at Publix ranging from $19,494 for a Cashier/Stocker to $120,000 for a Care Specialist.

How much do you get paid to work at Publix?

Entry-level managers earn more than $50,000 per year on average, while store managers earn $123,000 per year. Qualifying part-time and full-time associates receive a holiday bonus in late November.

Can you apply at Publix online?

To apply for a job at Publix, go to our Talent Application Gateway and fill out an online application.

What do I need to know for a Publix interview?

Make a positive first impression.

  • Dress for success.
  • Bring your ru00e9sumu00e9 and work samples to the interview.
  • Arrival 10 minutes early.
  • Turn off your cell phone as soon as you arrive.
  • Make good eye contact with everyone you meet, especially the hiring manager.

Is Publix really a good place to work?

Annual surveys show that one of the top reasons associates enjoy working at Publix is because of the teamwork they experience and the friends they make; read these testimonials to see how they feel firsthand.

Does Publix pay weekly or biweekly?

Read 10 responses At Publix, we are paid once a week, usually between Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning.

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What is the highest paying job at Publix?

Pharmacist manager, team leader, assistant grocery manager, and warehouse selector are among the higher-paying positions at Publix, with a pharmacist manager salary of $126,932 on average per year. Other roles at Publix include customer service representative and stocker.

How long do you have to work at Publix to get benefits?

Most part-timers are not eligible for health insurance because they do not work 1500 hours per year.

How much do stockers make at Publix?

Salary and Benefits A Publix stock clerk’s average hourly wage is around $10.00, with pay rates for stock associates generally increasing over time. In addition to the base salary, Publix provides excellent job benefits.

Do you need a resume for Publix?

Continue to impress by arriving 15 minutes early for your interview, dressing in business-professional attire, and bringing your resume. Read more about our interview tips and learn more ways to make a great impression. Applying to work at Publix could be your first step toward a rewarding career.

How much do floral clerks get paid at Publix?

The average salary for a Publix Floral Clerk is $10, with salaries ranging from $9 to $14. This estimate is based on 5 Publix Floral Clerk salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based on statistical methods.

What do they ask you at a Publix interview?

Publix interview questions

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • How would you handle a difficult customer?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • What is your greatest weakness?
  • What are your long-term goals?
  • Tell me about a time when you solved a problem for a frustrated customer.
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How should I dress for a Publix interview?

What to Wear. Dress appropriately for the interview by wearing business-casual attire for entry-level job seekers, while potential grocery store managers should wear something more formal.

How will Publix contact me for an interview?

Our Stores Due to the high volume of applications received by our store managers, only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Check out some of our tips on how to land a job at your local Publix. It’s important to note that our store managers will contact candidates by phone, not email.

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