Readers ask: How To Get A Job As A Secret Agent?

How to Be a Secret Agent

Learn about the cultures and political climates of the locations where you’ll be embedded; for example, if you’re going to the United Arab Emirates to spy on an oil tycoon, you’ll need to approach the job differently than if you’re working in South Florida to infiltrate a militant group.
If you want to be a spy, you should blend in with crowds and communities so you don’t stand out. Wear common clothing for the location that isn’t easily identifiable.

What are the requirements to be a Secret Service agent?

Other Requirements and Experience

  • They must be citizens of the United States.
  • Agents must be under the age of 37 but at least 21 at the time of application.
  • They must have a valid driver’s license in the United States.
  • Education requirements for the GL-7 and GL-9 pay grades must be met.
  • Agents must be in excellent health and physical condition.

How hard is it to become a Secret Service agent?

The selection process for a job with the US Secret Service is extremely competitive, and candidates must have either a college diploma or a combination of college and law enforcement work experience, as well as a background in criminal investigation.

What education is needed to become a Secret Service agent?

To advance in the hiring process, you must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and be able to demonstrate “superior academic achievement,” such as a GPA of 3.0 or higher, graduation in the top third of your class, or membership in a national honor society.

Is Secret Service a good job?

This is a fantastic agency to work for, but your work-life balance will be severely strained. The agents have exceptional skill, talent, and work ethic. This is one of the most prestigious agencies to work for.

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Can a FBI agent have tattoos?

Tattoos do not disqualify a person from becoming an FBI special agent; applicants must have high personal standards, including uncompromising personal integrity, but this does not rule out the possibility of having tattoos or body piercings.

Can Secret Service agents make arrests?

Special officers are sworn law enforcement officers with the authority to make arrests in the course of their work.

Do you get paid during secret service training?

He observed recruits at various stages of training at the Secret Service’s Rowley Training Center in Laurel, Maryland. According to the Secret Service, about one out of every 100 applicants makes it through the agency’s rigorous vetting process to become a recruit, with a base salary of $47,000 per year.

How long is training for Secret Service?

Agents complete a 10-week criminal investigator training program followed by an 18-week special agent training course, as well as ongoing education and training throughout their careers.

Who gets Secret Service for life?

The Secret Service was authorized by Congress in 1965 (Public Law 89-186) to protect a former president and his or her spouse for the rest of their lives, unless they decline protection.

Why do Secret Service wear sunglasses?

Secret Service agents wear sunglasses to keep the sun out of their eyes and improve their ability to see what people in the crowd are doing, but they don’t always do so.

Can you be a secret agent?

If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree, you may be considered for a position as an agent if you have three years of law enforcement experience and a GPA of 3.0 to 4.0. If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree, you may be considered for a position as an agent if you have three years of law enforcement experience and a GPA of 3.0 to 4.0.

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How much do Secret Service agents get paid?

The average US Secret Service Special Agent salary is $145,794, with salaries ranging from $90,000 to $173,796. Salary estimates are based on 31 US Secret Service Special Agent salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based on statistical methods.

How much earn a FBI agent?

The average Special Agent salary at the Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ) is $139,455. Special Agent salaries at the FBI can range from $64,249 to $192,716.

Is the Secret Service Academy hard?

It’s not as difficult as you might think to speak with a Secret Service agent in person; the agency encourages interested parties to contact their local field office or attend conventions and job fairs where the service will be recruiting.

How much does a president’s bodyguard make?

As of April 10, 2021, the average annual pay for a President Bodyguard in the United States is $110,265 per year, which works out to about $53.01 per hour, or $2,120 per week or $9,189 per month if you need a quick salary calculator.

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