Readers ask: How To Get A Job At The Apple Store?

r/apple – How in the world can I get hired by the Apple Store?

When it comes to work, the Apple Store is my go-to spot. I’m unhappy at my current job and aspire to work at the Apple Store one day, where I can be a part of the culture and technology. I like dealing with people to almost everything else. I’m fascinated by technology and want to share it with everyone that enters one.

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Is it hard to get hired at Apple Store?

Few applicants will ever know the truth, because it’s nearly hard to get anything other than an entry-level, part-time sales job at an Apple Retail shop, no matter how competent or educated you are. Apple has a policy of posting all job openings, even if they have already been filled or promised to someone months ago.

How much does an Apple store employee make?

In the United States, how much does an Apple Retail Sales Associate earn? In the United States, the average hourly salary for an Apple Retail Sales Associate is $15.67, which is 30% higher than the national average.

Can I get a job at Apple with no experience?

Technical specialists can work full-time or part-time, and they don’t need any prior technical expertise or experience because they’ll get all the training they need when they start.

How do I get hired at Apple?

Getting a job at Apple isn’t always as simple as filling out an impersonal online application. Only 55 percent of Glassdoor users who interviewed at Apple applied online, while the rest were hired through employee referrals, recruiters, on-campus recruiting, and in-person interviews.

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How much does Apple pay a hour?

The average Apple income ranges from $29,812 for a Service Technician to $198,097 for a Counsel. Apple’s average hourly compensation ranges from $11.00 per hour for a Mobile Phone Technician to $64.24 per hour for a Project Manager.

Do Apple employees get free phones?

On the first unit of any product purchased, an Apple employee will receive a 25% discount. As a result, he has access to the whole Apple product line (iPhone, iPad, Mac Book 6). They can use this in conjunction with employee discounts (25 percent ). So that every three years they can acquire a free iPhone.

What qualifications do you need to work at Apple?


  • A minimum of five years of experience is required.
  • People that are outgoing and driven
  • Exceptional writing and oral communication abilities.
  • Capacity to react to a variety of retail-related conditions, such as unexpectedly heavy customer traffic or product launching events, as well as open schedules

What is the highest paying job at Apple?

Apple’s Top 20 Highest-Paying Jobs

  • $323,000 for a senior director.
  • $308,000 for a Software Engineering Director.
  • $265,000-$289,000 for Senior Legal Counsel.
  • $234,000 for a Senior Engineering Manager.
  • $205,000 for Software Engineer V.
  • $203,000 for an engineering manager.
  • $183,000 for an industrial designer.
  • $180,000 for a Senior Product Manager.

Are Apple employees paid well?

The average Apple employee earns $98,438 per year, however earnings vary greatly depending on the job. Purchasing manager, software development engineer, project engineering manager, and data scientist are just a few of the high-paying professions at Apple.

How long does it take to get hired at Apple?

In most cases, the Apple interview process consists of up to four steps. From start to finish, the hiring process might take anywhere from two to four months. You’ll have to sign off on critical information in your résumé.

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Do they drug test for Apple?

Apple, too, has shifted its strategy. The business stated, “In general, we have stopped evaluating most candidates and have never tested current employees.” “For a small number of positions that pose a safety risk, we continue to do pre-employment drug testing.”

How do you interview at Apple?

Following the submission of your online application, a recruiter will call you to set up a phone interview. If your experience matches the criteria, you may be contacted after a few weeks. The entire procedure is painless, and Apple makes every effort to keep applicants calm (again this is for corporate positions).

What do Apple recruiters look for?

Apple seeks “people who work with a passion and an idealism,” according to Cook. Passion is a word you’ll hear from Apple hiring managers over and over again. Many prospective employees make the mistake of believing they must be completely knowledgeable about Apple’s goods.

Does Apple replace phones for free?

There is no fee if your iPhone problem is covered by the Apple warranty, AppleCare+, or consumer legislation. This excludes accidental damage, which is subject to a cost. If you don’t have AppleCare+ and your iPhone is broken, your repair charge will vary based on the repair, up to the out-of-warranty fee listed below.

Can I join Google after 12th?

Google has offered a job to a class 12 government school kid with a monthly salary of Rs 12 lakh.

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