How To Work 19 Crimes App?

How does 19 crimes app work?

Augmented Reality Example – 19 Crimes Wine AR App –

What app do you use for 19 crimes?

The Living Wine Labels app will continue to work with the 19 Crimes wine labels, as well as labels from Chateau St. Jean, Beringer Brothers and Gentleman’s Collection, in addition to The Walking Dead wines. All the labels will bring entertainment and engaging experiences to the wine aisle beginning in February, 2018.

How do you scan a 19 crimes bottle?

Talking bottles of 19 Crimes wine with augmented reality –

What are the 19 crimes?

The Crimes.

  • Grand Larceny, theft above the value of one shilling.
  • Petty Larceny, theft under one shilling.
  • Buying or receiving stolen goods, jewels, and plate
  • Stealing lead, iron, or copper, or buying or receiving.
  • Impersonating an Egyptian.
  • Stealing from furnished lodgings.
  • Setting fire to underwood.

How do you get 19 crimes to talk?

Talking bottles of 19 Crimes wine with augmented reality –

Why is it called 19 crimes?

19 Crimes takes its name from the list of crimes for which people could be sentenced to transportation — offences which ranged from “grand larceny” to “stealing a shroud out of a grave.” Accordingly, each of the labels features one of those thousands of convicts who were transported halfway across the world as their