How To Work At Barnes And Noble?

What are the requirements to work at Barnes and Noble?

Facts About Working at Barnes And Noble

  • Minimum Age to Work at Barnes And Noble: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Barnes And Noble?)
  • Barnes And Noble Hours of Operation: Mon-Thurs: am-pm; Fri-Sat: am-pm; Sun: am-pm.

How much does Barnes and Nobles pay per hour?

Average Barnes & Noble hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.14 per hour for Customer Assistant to $22.00 per hour for Maintenance Technician. The average Barnes & Noble salary ranges from approximately $20,000 per year for Lead Cashier to $125,391 per year for Specialist.

Is Barnes and Noble a good place to work?

I worked at Barnes & Noble for four years. As far as low-skill, low-paying jobs go, it was the best I’ve ever had, definitely the best retail job. I miss it a lot and I made a lot of good friends there (people I still hang out with). I think the job experience depends a lot on management and district management.

Are Barnes and Noble hiring?

No matter where you live in the U.S., the likelihood is, there is a Barnes & Noble nearby that would be a great fit for you. We also hire for Corporate and Distribution Center positions in New York, New Jersey, and Nevada.