How To Work At Microsoft?

What do you need to work at Microsoft?

Career Definition for a Microsoft Certified Professional

Education Bachelor’s degree in computer science will help, but is not required
Job Skills Knowledge of software programs, interpersonal skills, communication, customer service

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Is it hard to get a job at Microsoft?

Its is real easy to get in Microsoft but you have to know the trick. Microsoft’s hiring bar is broken and everyone knows that. And the bar keeps getting lower as A+ player don’t want to work here, so they keep lowering the bar. Actually the hardest part is getting the interview and NOT the interview itself.

How much does Microsoft employees make?

Microsoft Corp pays its employees an average of $118,070 a year. Salaries at Microsoft Corp range from an average of $75,106 to $156,997 a year.

Is Microsoft a good company to work for?

Microsoft has always been known as a company that requires a lot of hard work. That has improved under Nadella, with many employees saying the work-life balance is great. Overall, Microsoft employees gave the company 3.3 stars out of 5 for work-life balance on Glassdoor.