How To Work At Pixar?

How much do you make working at Pixar?

Statewide, animators earn an average of $74,560 per year.

Seattle, WA.

animators earn an average salary of $62,420 per year.

Do you need a degree to work at Pixar?

Three ways the right art school can help you land a job at Pixar. A degree in animation is a prerequisite for most prestigious animation studios, but it takes more than that to land the job.

How do you get hired at Pixar?

The experts explain how to get a job at Pixar | Time Out London

Is Pixar a good place to work?

Pixar is a fun place to work but they do not value their production management team. They pay them way below the average cost of living in the bay area. Most if not all of the production team stuggle to get by every week, living paycheck to paycheck.